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Avent calendar 2023
Avent calendar 2023

Avent calendar 2023

Spice Up Your Year-End with the Terre Exotique Advent Calendar!

Get into the holiday spirit in the kitchen and create 24 recipes with exotic flavors thanks to the Terre Exotique Advent Calendar! Our selection of spices and their recipe ideas will guide you on a culinary journey throughout the Advent season. A lovely gift to give... or to receive!

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Attention! We're Revealing the Contents of the Calendar!

For 25 years, the passionate team at Terre Exotique has been traveling to five continents in search of the finest quality products with exotic flavors, bringing them back to France to be packaged and combined to offer delicious blends.

Just like our picker who adorns this 2023 Advent calendar, step into the botanical and spicy dance of Terre Exotique as Christmas approaches.

A Sneak Peek of What the Calendar Holds in Store for You

1 - Gravlax Blend: Lemon, tangy, and herbaceous, the gravlax blend is a must-have for your fish-based preparations. A traditional culinary specialty of Nordic cuisine, gravlax salmon has never been easier to make than with the Terre Exotique gravlax blend. Wake up your marinades and fish with this fresh and aromatic blend.

2 - Voatsiperifery Pepper: In the heart of the Malagasy forests, Voastiperifery pepper vines can reach up to 30 meters in height! Rare, unprecedented, and addictive with woody, floral notes and a citrusy freshness... Put this pepper in your grinder and elevate your recipes. Perfect Pairing: with chocolate!

3 - Crushed Smoked Black Pepper: Discover the crushed and hickory-smoked black pepper, ideal for daily use. Try it with duck breast, salmon fillet, or grilled beef.

4 - Roasted Spice Infused Sea Salt: A sea salt infused with roasted spices. Elevates everyday dishes. An essential in the kitchen!

5 - Baker's Blend: A revamped baguette is at your fingertips with this spice blend. Simply add 1 tbsp of the blend to your bread dough, and you're good to go.

6 - Speculoos Blend: Thanks to this speculoos spice blend, you can make your own homemade speculoos and delight your loved ones. It pairs well with tea, coffee, or can be crushed into desserts. Use 1 tsp per kilogram of dough.

7 - Christmas Sea Salt: Sweetness and warmth define this Christmas sea salt blend, the perfect partner for your scallops, foie gras, and poultry.

8 - Penja White Pepper: A must-have for your grinder! This Penja white pepper with animal notes and hints of menthol is exceptional in character and flavor.

9 - Za'atar: In Lebanon, this blend with warm and lemony flavors is used in mezzes. Add an oriental touch to your sun-drenched vegetables, white meats, and smoked salmon, and why not use it in marinades!

10 - Classic Chai: Classic Chai is a rich and fragrant spice blend, to be infused like tea. Dosage: 1 teaspoon per cup. Infusion: 8 minutes at 100°C. Decoction: 15 minutes at 100°C. Filter the spices before serving.

11 - Madras Curry: A famous Indian blend, curry can be eaten in many ways, even sweet!

12 - Breton Curry: This spice blend takes us back to the history of the 17th-century French East India Company. These savvy corsairs from Saint-Malo sailed the seas in pursuit of the finest spices. Exclusive recipe.

13 - Trapper's Blend: This sweet and savory Quebecois blend is ideal with salmon, grilled meats, or velvety soups.

14 - Sesame Seeds with Soy Sauce: The marriage of the essential Japanese condiment, soy sauce, and roasted sesame seeds brings sweet and savory aromas that enhance all your dishes. Sprinkle it on your white rice, sushi, sashimi, or fish tartares.

15 - Timur Berry: Timur berry is harvested by peasants in the Nepalese mountains and has grapefruit notes and a lemony scent. Crushed or infused into your dishes, it wonderfully enhances seafood, fish, and chocolate and fruity desserts.

16 - Likouala Pepper: Also known as "Ashanti Pepper." Harvested by the Baaka tribe. Likouala pepper grows wild on vines over 20 meters long. Exceptional length in the mouth. Traditional Congolese dish: "Grilled Ashanti Chicken."

17 - Wild Garlic Persillade: Persillade is a kitchen essential. Made with parsley, shallot, and garlic, this blend enhances many dishes with spicy and herbaceous notes, as well as Mediterranean flavors. Use this persillade blend as you like in your everyday cooking.

18 - Viking Salt: With its powerful and smoky aromas, Viking salt is sure to surprise! Legend has it that this wonderful recipe inherited from the Vikings was miraculously found. Viking salt pairs wonderfully with gratin dauphinois, eggs, or raw vegetables with a pinch of salt!

19 - Cheese Pepper: A blend of peppers to awaken your cheese platter. Particularly suited for raclette cheese, goat cheese, tomme, and Savoie tome. Some even like it with aged Comté. Elevate the cheeses of France and Navarre!

20 - Christmas Sugar: This Christmas sugar with gingerbread flavors was imagined in the sweetness of the holiday season. It delights everyone in a homemade cake, on a fruit tart, or to caramelize a Christmas turkey.

21 - Summer Truffle Himalayan Diamond Salt: Paired with truffles, this Himalayan diamond salt transforms everyday dishes. Ideal on vegetable purees, carpaccios, salads, delicate-fleshed fish, or simply on an omelet.

22 - Gingerbread Blend: Discover the flavor of homemade gingerbread! Or elevate squash and shellfish. Can also flavor genoises, cakes, cookies, biscuits... Use 3 tsp for one gingerbread.

23 - Foie Gras Blend: With foie gras, seasoning is key! A custom blend to sprinkle on your toasts or use in the preparation of your terrine.

24 - Oyster Pepper: The Saint-Cast le Guildo peninsula is located on the Emerald Coast. Like its sailors, take the helm and set sail for the open sea, being sure not to forget your knife, a dozen oysters, and, of course, your oyster pepper to season them: a delicate Breton blend of crushed peppers.

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More Information
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Allergen Sulfites, sésame, moutarde, poisson/Sulphites, sesame, mustard, fish
Native country Se reporter aux origines produits
Ingredients mélange trappeur, graine SESAME sauce SOJA, baie timur, poivre
likouala, persillade ail des ours, sel viking, poivre fromager,sucre
de Noël, sel truffe, ass. pain épices, ass. foie gras, poivre huîtres
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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