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  1. Three peppercorns
    As low as €9.95
  2. Roasted black Malabar pepper
    As low as €9.80
  3. Smoked crushed black pepper
    Smoked crushed black pepper
  4. Green pepper fresh and salted
    As low as €52.00
  5. Tailor made pepper box
    Tailor made pepper box

    From €34.60

    To €53.75

  6. Oyster pepper
    As low as €8.20
  7. Five peppercorns blend
    As low as €6.60
  8. Green pepper fresh and salted
    Out of Stock
  9. Poivre du vigneron, expression Chenin
    As low as €9.10
  10. Vigneron Pepper, Cabernet expression
    As low as €9.10
  11. Poivre du vigneron, expression Gamay
    As low as €9.90
  12. Poivre du vigneron, expression Sauvignon
    As low as €9.10
  13. Smoked black pepper
    As low as €16.00
  14. Poivre rouge des Bolovens
    Out of Stock
  15. Cheeselover's pepper
    As low as €6.90
  16. Green pepper fresh and salted
  17. Smoked white Penja pepper PGI
    As low as €10.60
Grid List

18 Items

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In a perpetual quest for new flavors, Terre Exotique has imagined blends of peppers and berries. These recipes offer the right balance between each of the selected spieces, which allow you to appreciate the aromas of each of the berries, while enjoying the delicious marriage of their combination. Available in crushed, powdered or whole berries, these blends will find their place on the table and the cuisine.