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Terre Exotique Suitcase
Terre Exotique Suitcase

Terre Exotique Suitcase

Terre Exotique Essentials, All in One Suitcase

This wooden suitcase is composed of 10 essential Terre Exotique references + 1 perfect mortar to accompany you on weekends or to offer as a gift!

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In My Suitcase, There Is...

This elegant Terre Exotique wooden suitcase contains:

  • - 1 Baie timur, 40 g: a delicious berry with subtle grapefruit aromas.
  • - 1 Grilled Spice Sea Salt, 90 g: accompany your everyday dishes with a touch of grilled spice sea salt;
  • - 1 Penja White Pepper PGI, 70 g: its light notes of menthol will perfectly flavor your burrata or chocolate desserts;
  • - 1 Trapper's Blend, 70 g: discover the flavors of Quebec in this sweet and savory blend for even more flavors;
  • - 1 Madras Curry, 60 g: ideal for getting closer to Indian traditions, Madras curry pairs well with many savory and even sweet recipes;
  • - 1 Smoked Pimenton, 60 g: give character to your recipes with its surprising slightly spicy chorizo flavor;
  • - 1 Penja Black Pepper PGI, 70 g: be surprised by its fruity and menthol notes, perfect for accompanying your meats or frozen desserts;
  • - 1 Voatsiperifery Pepper, 50 g: its floral and citrus notes bring lightness and freshness to your preparations, invigorating all your recipes;
  • - 1 Green Curry, 45 g: this blend of Thai spices will bring freshness and a slight spiciness to your fish;
  • - 1 Summer Truffle Flavored Salt Diamond, 60 g: combine the taste of truffle with your vegetable, salad, or fish dishes for a delicious flavor combination;
  • - 1 Porcelain Mortar: ideal for grinding and crushing your spices and releasing their intense flavor, the porcelain mortar accompanies you in the preparation of your recipes.

Essentials for Successful Cooking

For any cooking enthusiast, owning a variety of exquisite peppers and spices is essential to enhance the flavors of each dish. This exceptional set includes a carefully chosen selection of spices. To accompany them, a mortar is included, allowing each grain to be freshly ground to release its intense aroma and deep flavor.

The Terre Exotique Suitcase

The spice collection is presented in a sturdy and natural wooden suitcase, preserving the freshness and aromas of the spices it contains. An ideal choice for transporting and storing them in an elegant and original way.

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TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.