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Wolfberries, goji berries, 80g

Wolfberries, goji berries, 80g

Small red berries with a sharp taste – you can crystallise them in syrup or rehydrate them. They colour and enhance rice dishes, yoghurt and desserts.
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To get the benefit of these Goji berries, use them not only in your beakfast, but in all your dishes: when you prepare home-made bread, in your papillote of tropical fruitso, on top of your pancakes or muffinsu, in your Tagine to replace the dried grapefruit or simply to snack on...
More Information
More Information
Shelf life 5 years
Ingredient Goji berries
Nutritional info /
Native country CHINE
Genus and botanical species Lycium barbarum
Ingredients 1 Goji berry