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WHITE Marseille soap flakes without palm oil 750g NATURE

WHITE Marseille soap flakes without palm oil 750g NATURE

Discover the Marius Fabre White Marseille Soap Flakes without Palm Oil for Homemade Laundry

Use this 750g box of Marseille soap flakes to concoct your own laundry detergent and benefit from a supply that can last up to a year. Find out how to use it, it only takes a few minutes!

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Marius Fabre Soap for Soft and Clean Linen, While Respecting the Environment

This formula of Marseille soap flakes uses oleic sunflower oil, which is a fluid oil similar to olive oil and slightly darker.

A Natural Softness

Marseille soap flakes, guaranteed free of colorants, fragrances, and additives, are recommended for a gentle and effective wash of all textiles, especially delicate fabrics such as baby clothes, wool, silk, lace, etc. They are also biodegradable and free from phosphates.

Glycerin, a Natural Ingredient

The presence of glycerin in Marius Fabre Marseille soaps naturally comes from vegetable oil and is not intentionally added. After 10 days of cooking and many rinsings, only a tiny amount of this glycerin remains.

According to the traditional manufacturing process of the real Marseille soap, it is indeed free of glycerin. Despite this, the term "glycerin" is included in the ingredient list of our soaps, as traces may remain. This inclusion meets the regulatory requirements of the cosmetic industry, which require the listing of any ingredient, even in trace amounts.

Marius Fabre: A Family Tradition

Since 1900 and over four family generations in Salon-de-Provence, the soap factory has perpetuated the traditional production of Marseille soap, cooked in a cauldron. This traditional method is now substituted by oleic sunflower oil, a particularly special oil offering many benefits and in line with the philosophy of Marius Fabre soap factory: producing natural products that respect both man and the environment.

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