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Voatsiperifery pepper, 50 g

Voatsiperifery pepper, 50 g

The fresh and woody aromas of Voatsiperifery black pepper are perfect for all your chocolate recipes.

At the heart of the Malagasy forests, Voatsiperifery black pepper creepers can grow up to 10 metres high! Rare, unique, and even addictive with its woody, floral notes and a fresh citrus hint... Pop it in your pepper mill to brighten up your recipes.
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Voatsiperifery pepper, is also called “Madagascar wild pepper”

Botanical properties of Madagascar wild pepper

Pepper is defined in botanical terms as the fruit of a creeper from the Piper genus, and the Piperace family. Voatsiperifiery is the fruit of the Piper Borbonense vine, so it is clearly part of the pepper family. Its name comes from "voa" which means fruit and "tsiperifery" which is the name of the plant in Malagasy. Voatsiperifery grows in the wild in the tropical forests of South-East Madagascar. The peppercorns only grow on young shoots.

Harvesting is dangerous making this rare pepper even more precious

This very rare pepper is harvested between October and December, by the Malagasy villagers. 5kg of fresh peppercorns are needed for 1kg of dried pepper. The harvest is a perilous task as the creeper grows up to 10 metres high and the fruit only grows at the very top. Unheard of in France 20 years ago, this amazing and rare pepper has become a true hit in the gastronomic world and no Michelin starred chef would now be without it.

The fresh and surprising aromas of Voatsiperifery black pepper

Piper borbonense is spicier and stronger than Piper nigrum. Its long lasting fresh aromas and its floral woody and citrus notes are truly outstanding. It releases sharp acidic notes with hints of menthol.

How to get the best from your Voatsiperifery black pepper

Voatsiperifery black pepper and chocolate: the perfect match

Chocolate and Voatsiperifery pepper go hand in hand to enchant every palate. It is deliciously decadent in creamy chocolate sauces or add it to a gooey chocolate cake to tingle your guests’ tastebuds! •

Chocolate Mousse with fleur de sel and Voatsiperifery black pepper.

Sprinkle the lightly cracked pepper over your mousse, just before serving. •

Chocolate macarons with Voatsiperifery black pepper

Add the pepper to the ganache filling, this extraordinary pepper will sublime your macarons.

Savoury recipes using Voatsiperifery black pepper

But chocolate is not the only companion for Voatsiperifery pepper! Use it in your savoury recipes, with meat, fish or shellfish, to add fresh and spicy notes. Be careful not to leave it infuse too long to avoid it becoming too bitter.

• Duck breast, fresh mango and Voatsiperifery black pepper
Try this gourmet recipe to enchant your mango and duck breast.

•Seared scallops with citrus butter and Voatsiperifery pepper.
In this acidic and creamy recipe, oranges, mandarines and scallops are delicately enhanced using a sprinkle of fresh spicy Voatsiperifery pepper.

Voatsiperifery pepper is a wild well-preserved treasure from Madagascar

Madagascar’s wild and luxuriant ecosystem

The island of Madagascar, off the coast of Mozambique, has a tropical climate which favours the growth of a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and spices. These include pink peppercorns, world-famous vanilla and wild Voatsiperifery pepper. You need to head off deep into the tropical forests far from the bustling capital city to discover where it grows.

Picked by hand with age-old expertise, fully respectful of biodiversity

Voatsiperifery pepper grows in the forest, and is harvested by villagers who live out in the wild. They alone are skilled enough to climb to the very top of the creepers to pick the pepper. The pickers keep the whereabouts of these precious red berries a very well-kept secret… During the harvest, neither the tree nor the creeper are cut, to protect the sustainability of this rare pepper. The peppercorns need to be left out to dry for several days, and then sorted meticulously by hand before this wild pepper can be exported.

More Information
More Information
Shelf life 5 years
Ingredient Voatsiperifery pepper
Nutritional info /
Native country MADAGASCAR
Genus and botanical species Piper borbonense
Ingredients 1 Voatsiperifery pepper

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