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Viking smoked salt, 225 g

Viking smoked salt, 225 g

A marvellous recipe inherited from the Vikings and rediscovered by a miracle Viking salt is sure to surprise! This fine salt delights fans of smoked flavours. A superb accompaniment to gratin dauphinois, eggs or crunchy raw salad vegetables!

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The smoked flavours of this Viking Salt will whisk you off to Scandinavian fjords

With its strong smoked aromas this Viking Salt is sure to tingle your tastebuds! Legend has it that the discovery of this marvellous recipe inherited from the Vikings was a miracle. Viking Salt will enchant your gratin dauphinois potatoes, boiled eggs or raw vegetables!

How is Terre Exotique’s Viking Salt made?

A carefully smoked salt

To obtain these smoked fragrances, that instantly bring to mind a smouldering fire outside a log cabin, the salt is first smoked for a long time, using a top secret technique … When the taste and scent are just right, the mix of Viking spices are added. Like an Indian curry, this mix of spices with strong aromas add really surprising flavours to the smoked salt. Black pepper adds character, turmeric gives a warm well-rounded taste and grilled onions add a sweet note… All these flavours delightfully enhance the smoked salt.

Viking Salt, for connoisseurs of strong smoked flavours

Viking Salt - a real character!

Viking Salt is an astounding salt with its subtle mix of smoked salt and strong flavoured spices. Black pepper, turmeric and grilled onions will enhance your dishes without scorching your tastebuds. This smoked salt will dazzle your palate with its powerful aromas bringing to mind Scandinavian forests and the salty North sea air. Viking Salt’s fine texture dissolves easily, and its extraordinary flavours will mingle deliciously with all your dishes.

What is this smoked taste?

Scandinavian cuisine is renowned for its smoked flavours which are obtained using an age-old wood-smoking technique for preserving meat and fish. This technique produces exceptionally intense and heady tastes, releasing grilled or even barbequed, woody, salty notes. Smoked foods and condiments, like Viking Salt, are delicious with red meat, and sweet vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes.

What dishes are good with Viking Salt?

Explore all the flavours of Scandinavia with Viking Salt

Viking Salt is both powerful and delicate, perfect with potatoes, boiled eggs and of course, salmon. Home-made Viking Salt butter. Use a classic butter recipe (1L of cream to make 350g of butter) and add 2 - 5 g of Viking Salt. Ideal for spreading on your blinis and served with smoked salmon. A smoky addition to marinades! Viking Salt is delicious in marinades for fish, chicken or even tofu for vegetarians. Its smoked taste will give character to poultry and is perfect with other aromatic herbs (thyme, rosemary…). For your summer barbeque, use it on your skewers, peppers or pork and lamb chops. But don’t be too heavy handed and don’t exceed the recommended daily intake of salt.

Viking smoked salt for a classy Nordic brunch!

Our brunch recipes with a Scandinavian twist:

• Cucumber salad,

• Crackers with Viking Salt butter,

• Duo of red and black radishes,

• Baked eggs with Bear’s garlic and Viking Salt,

• Blueberries with whipped cream, Poached salmon, in a Viking Salt, 5 peppercorns and dill marinade.

Viking smoked salt, a legendary recipe

A recipe inspired by Scandinavian flavours

Legend has it that Viking Salt is one of the culinary heritages of the Viking warriors. Adventurous, war-thirsty Vikings, set sail in search of riches on their drakkars to conquer Europe, Russia, the Mediterranean and North America in the 10th century! Out on the oceans for long periods of time, they were skilled hands at preserving their food by smoking it. This love for smoked foods, typically fish or game has remained with the Scandinavians ever since.

How did Vikings get to taste pepper and curry so early on?

How is it that Vikings used pepper and Indian spices (turmeric, cumin…), although the Spice Route did not come about until later in the Middle Ages? Vikings were pioneers and great explorers, and didn’t wait for others to determine their route to discover other territories. As far back as 3rd century A.D., they set up trading posts in many European and Central Asian towns. They traded arms, ivory, amber and … spices!
More Information
More Information
Shelf life 4 years
Ingredient Salt, onions, smoked salt, dextrose, pepper, curcuma, aroma.
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Native country ALLEMAGNE
Ingredients 1 salt, black pepper, onion, smoke flavor, dextrose, turmeric, flavor.