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Vanilla from Tahiti, 1 pod

This pod is plumper than bourbon vanilla and it has a stronger anise aroma and a charactertistic smell of prunes. Use it in both sweet and savoury dishes.

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Price From: €17.55

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The world’s most prized vanilla.

In 1848 admiral Hamelin imported Vanilla aromatica plants to Tahiti. Two years later, admiral Bonnard followed in his steps and imported Vanilla fragrans plants.

Tahitian vanilla comes from crossing these two species. Large scale production started in 1880 mainly in the mountainous islands, protected from the wind, with an exceptionally warm and humid climate and gentle breezes from the tradewinds. This vanilla is grown on Raiatea island, part of the Society Islands. This sacred island is the cradle of polynesian people and culture, where the first Maoris arrived in great ocean-going canoes more than 2000 years ago.

This orchid grows at the heart of humid valleys, in humus rich soils where it thrives under shades, or under acacia trees from which it absorbs succulent juices. Vanilla production requires great patience, care and dedication. Ater nine months growing, after the "marriage" has been carried out manually, the ripened pod is carefully picked, dried in the shade until it goes brown, left out to sweat in the gentle morning sun, before being rubbed for a long time. What a life! Vanilla tahitensis from Raiatea, is plumper, shinier, more fleshy and full bodied than bourbon vanilla. It has amazing aromas of caramel and anise, and its flesh smells of prunes. It’s highly cherished and prized by the world’s most renowned chefs.


Additional Information

Country Tahiti
Post N/A
Use By date No
Storage conditions No
Allergen Allergen free
Ingredient No
Nutritional info N/A
Aromatic footprint Floral, Fruity
Botanical genus and species Vanilla tahitensis
Color Brown
Other names N/A
Culture mod Introduced, Spontaneous


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