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Vanilla from Uganda, bundle pods
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Vanilla from Uganda, bundle pods

This amazing vanilla from Ouganda offers matt black pods and reveals an extraordinary aromatic scope : spicy, fruity, woody, and ripe notes with hints of cacoa that will be a great fit for chocolate creams, fruit desserts and even gravies.

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Origin of Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla planifolia, also known as Ugandan Vanilla, is an exceptional variety of vanilla originating from the East African country of Uganda. Cultivated in the fertile regions of Uganda, this vanilla is renowned for its quality and unique aromatic profile. Vanilla planifolia pods are distinguished by their matte black color, indicating their maturity and richness in flavors.

How is Vanilla planifolia Produced?

The production of Vanilla planifolia follows a meticulous process that showcases the expertise of local farmers. Vanilla orchids thrive in the tropical regions of Uganda, where the warm and humid climate promotes their growth. Vanilla pods are carefully harvested at maturity and then undergo a preparation process, which includes blanching, drying, and conditioning. This process helps preserve the intense aromas and unique qualities of Vanilla planifolia.

Aromas of Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla planifolia is renowned for its complex and captivating aromatic palette. Vanilla planifolia pods exude fruity, cocoa, woody, spicy, and even subtle leather notes. These aromas blend harmoniously to create a unique gustatory experience. Whether in desserts, sweet dishes, or savory dishes, Vanilla planifolia brings an unparalleled depth of flavor.

Using Vanilla planifolia in Cooking

Vanilla planifolia offers numerous culinary possibilities and can be used to enhance a variety of dishes. Here are some ideas for its usage:

  • Ganaches and Chocolate Desserts: Vanilla planifolia pods add a subtle touch of flavor to your chocolate ganaches, providing an additional dimension.
  • Fruity Desserts: Whether in compotes, fruit salads, or ice creams, Vanilla planifolia brings a fruity and aromatic note that elevates desserts.
  • Sauce-based Dishes: Incorporate Vanilla planifolia into your meat or fish sauces and discover how it can transform a classic dish into a refined culinary experience.
  • Hot Beverages: Infuse Vanilla planifolia pods into hot beverages such as coffee, hot chocolate, or tea to add a warm and aromatic note.

Whether in professional kitchens or at home, Vanilla planifolia offers an exceptional gustatory experience and an enchanting fragrance that will delight enthusiasts of exquisite flavors.

More Information
More Information
Allergen Absence
Native country OUGANDA
Genus and botanical species Vanilla planifolia
Ingredients vanilla pods from Uganda
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