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Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract

It is a natural extract of high quality, with a concentration of 300g of vanilla bean per litre, coming from Madagascar vanilla planifolia (Bourbon vanilla). One teaspoon will be perfume your desserts, creams, flan, rice pudding and macaroons.
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Natural Vanilla Extract to Enhance Your Preparations

What is Vanilla Extract?

Maximum dosage: 5.3 g per kilogram or 1.7 g per liter.

Concentration of the extract: 300 g of Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans per liter, an incomparable quality-price ratio.

Vanilla is an orchid, Vanillia planifolia, whose cultivation requires constant attention and delicacy. It is a vine that leans on a support tree, usually a mango or avocado tree... It only blooms 3 years after planting, and it takes another 8 months for the pod to ripen before harvesting.

Its preparation is very tedious as it is entirely manual and requires a lot of rigor, patience, and love. The beans are first scalded, steamed, sun-dried for two weeks, hand-flattened, then shaded-dried for 8 months in chests, and finally calibrated.

How is Natural Vanilla Extract Obtained?

To obtain it, you must first proceed with a cold hydroalcoholic extraction of the beans. The natural extract obtained is then combined with glucose syrup and spent vanilla seeds.

The Terre Exotique extract is of high quality, with a concentration of 300 g of vanilla bean per liter, originating from Madagascar's planifolia vanilla.

Do not confuse vanilla extract with vanilla flavor, which is composed of water, sugar often supplemented with glucose syrup, and (non-natural) vanilla flavor.

How to Measure Vanilla Extract Precisely?

Its dosage in cooking must be done precisely because its aroma is very powerful. We recommend a maximum of 5 g per kg or 1.7 g per liter of preparation. A teaspoon of this natural Bourbon vanilla extract will suffice to flavor your desserts, creams, custards, cakes, sorbets, and homemade macarons.

The Powerful and Delicate Aromas of Madagascar Vanilla

The Sweetness of Vanilla Aromas

Natural vanilla extract is a concentrate; therefore, the aromas are intense and powerful, perfect for enhancing your pastry preparations. You can also incorporate it into the preparation of your sauces to accompany a fish dish. Both sweet, sugary, and balanced, Madagascar's natural vanilla extract is essential in your kitchen, both savory and sweet.

Which Dishes to Use Madagascar Natural Vanilla Extract In?

Explore Island Flavors in Your Preparations

Vanilla extract pairs perfectly with cake batter but also in compote. Pour a teaspoon into your rice pudding or custard preparation.

For some originality, use Madagascar vanilla extract in a sauce to enhance your white fish and impress your guests.

How to Use Vanilla Extract?

Our recipe ideas to use vanilla extract in your cooking:

  • custard: Add a teaspoon to the pastry cream;
  • vanilla rice pudding: Pour a teaspoon into the preparation;
  • vanilla macarons: Add a teaspoon to the ganache before whipping it;
  • pastry cream: Pour a teaspoon into the preparation;
  • vanilla sauce for fish: Add a teaspoon to your saucepan with white wine before heating over low heat;
  • vanilla whipped cream: Add a teaspoon to your cream before whipping it;
  • homemade vanilla yogurt: Pour a teaspoon into the preparation.

Vanilla and Its History

A Complex Culture for Intense Aromas

Vanilla originates from Mexico, where the Aztecs used it to sweeten the bitterness of chocolate. This "black flower" was introduced by Cortés in 1521. Later, Louis XIV fell in love with it and wanted to grow it on Bourbon Island, Réunion. The vine bloomed but bore no fruit because it needed to be fertilized by a wasp that only existed in Mexico. No one knew how to fertilize it until in 1850, Edmond, a young slave on Bourbon Island, understood this process by poking and shaking the flower. To thank him, he was freed, and the young man took the name Albius for freedom, referring to the white color of the orchid.

Madagascar became the world's leading producer of vanilla in the 1920s. It was not until the late 1980s that Indonesia took the top spot thanks to low prices. In the 2000s, Madagascar relaunched production and regained its leadership, closely followed by Indonesia and then China.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 325
Allergen Absence
Native country MADAGASCAR
Ingredients sugar syrup, natural vanilla extract 300 g vanilla
pods per litre, vanilla seeds.
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.