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Salish smoked salt

Salish smoked salt

Discover the Incredible Smoked Salish Salt

The Salish tribes of the Northwestern United States offer us their precious crystals smoked with red alderwood to enhance potatoes, eggs, and cheeses. Salish smoked salt is an essential condiment to have in your kitchen!

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In Which Dishes to Use Smoked Salish Salt?

This fine salt with its smoky and woody notes is a must-have for seasoning your dishes with a touch of originality and authenticity!

Smoked Salish salt can be used like regular salt in many everyday dishes. Its intense smoky notes pair wonderfully with all types of meats, both white and red, and subtly enhance grilled dishes.

Whether on potatoes, summer salads, tomatoes, or vegetables, Smoked Salish salt truly stands out. Allow yourself to be surprised by its flavorful combination with pâté or rillettes. As a seasoning for fish or in sauces, Smoked Salish salt will reveal the full power of its aromas.

Simply sprinkle it at the last minute.

How to Use Smoked Salish Salt?

Here are our recipe ideas for using Smoked Salish salt in your cooking:

  • - Roasted Butternut Squash with Smoked Salish Salt: Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of Smoked Salish salt over the two halves of butternut squash, then bake for 1 hour.
  • - Salmon Fillet with Smoked Salish Salt: After cooking, sprinkle a pinch of Smoked Salish salt over the salmon fillet and serve.
  • - Smashed Potatoes with Smoked Salish Salt: After cooking the potatoes, roughly mash them with a fork, then add olive oil and 1 teaspoon of Smoked Salish salt, mix, and enjoy.
  • - Smoked Salish Salt Hollandaise Sauce: When adding butter to the sauce, add a generous pinch of Smoked Salish salt and whisk.
  • - Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salish Salt: After cooking your eggs, sprinkle them with Smoked Salish salt and enjoy.

Smoked Salish Salt: A Salt with Intense Aromas

A Salt with Strong Character!

On the nose, this salt has a powerful and heavily smoky scent, giving it an irresistible and surprising aroma of the forest or even a fireplace. The smell of Smoked Salish salt awakens memories of long winter evenings by the fire. In the mouth, its smoky flavor is more subtle but still very present. It's no wonder this salt is prized by top chefs!

However, it has a strong saltiness, so it needs to be used sparingly.

Where Does This Intense Smoky Flavor Come From?

Typical of Nordic cuisine, the smoky flavors come from an ancient technique of preserving meats and fish through wood smoking. This process results in a unique, particularly strong and captivating taste reminiscent of grilling, barbecue, wood, and salt. Smoked condiments, like Smoked Salish salt, go very well with red meats but also sweet vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes. Here are other Terre Exotique products with a smoky flavor that will enchant your taste buds:

How Is Terre Exotique's Smoked Salish Salt Prepared?

100% natural, without preservatives, Salish salt is harvested from evaporation ponds. It is then smoked with red alderwood, a tree native to North America. Its name is related to its bark, which turns red after being cut. This tree can withstand cold winter temperatures, reaching as low as -20°C.

The History Behind Smoked Salish Salt

The Origins of Smoked Salish Salt

This smoked salt originates from the state of Washington, USA. The term "Salish" refers to the original language of many Native American tribes in the state of Washington. Over time, the term "Salish" became the name for their territories, which encompassed British Columbia in Canada, northern Montana, and northern Idaho. Today, the Salish territory of "first nations" is limited to small scattered reserves that are still striving for autonomy.

Did you know? In Native American culture, they don't celebrate the birth but rather the baby's first laugh. This moment confirms that their soul has joined their body and they are ready to join the people of the earth.

More Information
More Information
Allergen Absence
Native country ÉTATS UNIS
Ingredients Salish fine salt (smocked sea salt)
Nutritional Info VN Energie pour 100 g (energy for 100g) : 0 kJ / 0 kcal
VN Matière grasse (fat) : 0 g
Dont acide gras saturés (of which saturated fat) : 0 g
VN Glucides (carbohydrate) : 0 g
Dont sucres (of which sugars) : 0 g
VN Protéines (protein) : 0 g
Vn Sel (salt) : > 97 g
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.