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The Curry dance

The Curry dance

Perfect curry gift set


Easy and express curries, to learn about the warm and bewitching flavors of these mixtures from the East and Asia. Yellow, red, green... With this box, learn how to choose and cook them.

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What does this gift set contain ?


Green curry (45 g)

A refined, fresh and slightly spicy blend that goes perfectly with chicken, white fish or prawns.


Red curry (60 g)

Popular in Thailand, this medium spicy blend goes well with meat, shrimp or tofu. To make the best use of it, fry 1 to 2 teaspoons of spices in coconut oil in a wok, add 20 cl of coconut milk and dip your pieces of meat in it for about 10 minutes. Serve with rice and fresh coriander.


Madras curry (60 g)

Round and slightly spicy, the yellow curry of Madras is very used in the Indian cooking. It is composed of a blend of many spices. Among them, we can mention turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek as well as ginger or cardamom. So many spices carefully selected by Terre Exotique to intensely flavor your dishes!

Flavors of Terre Exotique's Dance of Curries gift set


Flavors of green curry

Ce mélange de curry vert Thaï possède des notes aromatiques de citronnelle, de gingembre et de piment qui lui confèrent un goût légèrement piquant et frais à la fois.


Flavors of red curry

Spicy, red curry is an ally for meat lovers. This spice blend is intense in chili, which gives it its deep red color. The red curry gets its color from its predominantly red ingredients, including paprika and cayenne pepper, which gives it real power. Terre Exotique red curry is prepared in the Thai tradition. As a result, it is both fragrant, subtle and spicy; in fact, it is the spiciest of all curries.


Flavors of Madras curry

The Madras curry is distinguished by its yellow color, which attests to the presence of turmeric in its blend. On the nose, it presents herbaceous and lemony notes as well as a woody finesse. On the palate, its sweetness surprises and coats the food with a warm veil. Like a pepper with ginger accents, Madras yellow curry is very slightly spicy and pungent, unlike red curry which is more intense. It is therefore possible to incorporate Madras curry in dishes intended for children, provided that a reasonable dose is used.

With the Curry Dance gift set, travel from your kitchen 


How to use the Curry Dance Gift Set ?

Our recipe ideas for using the Curry Dance set in your kitchen:


·         Thai chicken with green curry: in a frying pan, heat olive oil with 1.5 teaspoons of green curry and sugar;

·         mussels with green curry: add 2 teaspoons of green curry on your mussels while cooking with 20 cl of coconut milk;

·         shrimp stir-fry with green curry: add 1 teaspoon of green curry on your shrimps while cooking;

·         goat cheese and winemaker's salt: sprinkle 2 pinches of winemaker's salt on your slice of goat cheese log and enjoy;

·         beef with red curry: fry an onion with the red curry and add the beef;

·         red curry fish: add a teaspoon of red curry in your vegetables with coconut milk and dip your fish in it;

·         Thai shrimp soup: put coconut milk in a saucepan over low heat with peeled and grated ginger, lemongrass sprigs, a sliced onion and a teaspoon of red curry to make the broth;

·         Chicken Tikka Massala: add 1 teaspoon to your Greek yogurt marinade;

·         panna cotta with mango and curry coulis: add a pinch of Madras curry to your mango before mixing it into a coulis;

        chicken dips with Madras curry sauce: simply add 1 tablespoon to your mayonnaise.

A box of 3 curries to offer or to offer yourself!


Share the passion of good taste with this gift box

This box is ideal to introduce the Terre Exotique universe to your friends and family. Composed of the three most popular curries, it is perfect for a first approach of our range.

Of course, we also recommend that you offer it to yourself! Thanks to the Dance of Curries box, bring an exceptional flavor to your dishes.


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