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Spices boxset for raclette and processed cheeses

Spices boxset for raclette and processed cheeses

Cheese Fondue Spices Gift box

This gift box is the perfect addition to your winter festive dinners! It contains three spices to liven up your winter warmer melted cheese dishes: raclettes, fondues and tartiflettes will be all spiced up with this tasty selection.
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Three gourmet spices for this Cheese Fondue Spices Gift box

Bear’s garlic

Bear’s garlic is a wild plant which thrives in damp and shady conditions in the undergrowth. It grows naturally in mountainous regions such as the Alps and the Pyrenees. The leaves start to appear in February and then garlic should be picked just before the plant blossoms between March and May. Bear’s garlic has a similar taste to its cousin garlic but is finer and much sought after by gourmets.


Cumin is an herbaceous perennial much like fennel and originally comes from the East Mediterranean. Its seeds can be eaten whole or ground.

Cheese lover’s Pepper

Terre Exotique has created its very own exclusive recipe to bring you this exciting product. It’s a mix of several peppers from South-East Asia and Cameroon. These berries and peppers are harvested at different stages of maturity, and produce different aromatic flavours depending on their ripeness. Once they’ve been washed and dried, they are ready to eat. 

Cheese and spices – what a wonderful match!

We have selected these three mixes and spices as they are the perfect match for all your cheese dishes. Bear’s garlic tastes like ordinary garlic but has finer floral notes, leaving a more subtle aftertaste. It will be a tasty seasoning for hard cheeses or cream cheese.

Cumin has a distinctive warm, slightly earthy taste with citrus notes. Its comforting aromas are delicious with semi-hard cheeses such as Gouda.

And last but not least our Cheese lover’s pepper, made from a selection of peppers, will tingle your tastebuds and enchant the strong flavours of mountainous cheeses with its slightly spicy notes. Recipe ideas

Cheese, ham or a veggie version all perfect with this Cheese Fondue Spices Gift box

A selection of spices to enchant your cheese platters

Bear’s garlic will liven up all your cheese dishes. Sprinkle it over your jacket potatoes and cheese, on cream cheese or on piping hot raclette. A scrumptious treat!

Use our Cheese lover’s pepper to season your mountainous cheese platters: Tomme, Beaufort, Abondance… or to spice up your fondues.

Cumin will add an extra warmth to your traditional French raclette melted cheese or try it with melted Tome or Munster cheeses. Why not sprinkle it over gratin dauphinois to surprise your guests!

The perfect balance served with charcuterie & potatoes

Sprinkle these three spices from our Cheese Fondue Spices Gift box on your mashed, steamed or jacket potatoes for a spicy note! Choose your favourite hams to accompany your raclettes and fondues, be it Bayonne ham, Parma ham, Rosette, Copa, Bacon… Indulge as you please for your tasty winter warmers!

And the veggie version

Raclettes, tartiflettes and fondues are traditionally served with charcuterie but you can also try a vegetarian version by serving with caramelized onions, smoked tofu and sweet potatoes. The spices from our Cheese Fondue Spices Gift box will add a delightful spicy flavour. 

This Cheese Fondue Spices Gift box will whisk you off to the snowy Alps!

So where does the traditional French raclette dish come from?

Raclette dates back to the 12th century in the Alps. Shepherds in the Alps would heat a wheel of cheese on a fire, then scrape (“racler” in French) the melted part onto their plate of meat and potatoes. It wasn’t until the 19th century that this recipe made it down the slopes and became a traditional French winter dish. In the 1970’s a tabletop raclette home appliance was invented for melting the cheese and became very popular. Nowadays you’ll find one in virtually every French home – it’s a favourite in winter and the dish is served with potatoes and a wide selection of cold hams.

More Information
More Information
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Allergen Traces possibles de: gluten, sulfites
Native country NON UE
Ingredients cheese pepper, cumin, bear's garlic.
Possible traces of: gluten,mustard
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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