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Gift box : Once upon a foie gras

Gift box : Once upon a foie gras

A box of assorted spices ideal for preparing an exceptional foie gras


This box contains the 3 products from Terre Exotique that are essential for preparing homemade foie gras! Find the winegrower's salt, the five berries blend and of course, the foie gras blend.

Add a festive touch to your recipes and above all, make your foie gras even better with this ideal box!

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Which spices are included in this set?


Winegrower's salt (80 g)

Combined with red wine, this salt with delicate mulled wine flavors goes perfectly with a vegetable puree, a stew, or a creamy sauce. A must try on prime rib, scallops, a game dish, or a simple summer salad.


Foie gras mix (60 g)

This spicy and flavorful blend will make your festive preparations a real success! Sprinkled on toast or added to your recipes, the foie gras blend will add a subtle touch to your preparations.


Five berries mix (60 g)

This 5 berry blend is composed of exceptional peppers and berries. To crush on all your dishes for a daily refinement. In this blend, you will find our great vintages: white Penja pepper (Cameroon), black Penja pepper (Cameroon), Jamaican pepper (Guatemala), freeze-dried green pepper (Madagascar) and pink berries (Madagascar), a true world tour in five Terre Exotique products!

Flavors of the boxed set « Once upon a time, foie gras » from Terre Exotique


The flavours of the winegrower's salt

The sweet and delicate notes of this blend of salt and wine are a perfect match for a vegetable purée, a pot-au-feu or a creamy sauce. Try it with prime rib, scallops, game dishes, or a simple summer salad. 


The flavors of the foie gras blend

This unique recipe reveals the flavors of duck and enhances your homemade foies gras. Its notes of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg bring a warm and spicy touch to your preparations.

With the foie gras assembly, it is now impossible to miss your foie gras!


The flavours of the five berries blend

A harmonious blend of colors, power and spiciness with spicy and sweet notes that sublimate the simplest of dishes. In the mouth, the 5 berry blend awakens your senses and gives way to a harmony of balanced and pungent flavors.

With the Once upon a time, foie gras box, enter into the end of year festivities gently


How to use the Box set « Once upon a time, foie gras » ?

Our recipe ideas for using the Il était un foie gras set in your kitchen:


·         foie gras with 5 berries : crush 2 tablespoons of 5 berries, mix with salt and spread on the foie gras then pour the cognac over it (find the complete recipe below) ;

·         duck breast with 5 berries : the day before, marinate your duck breast in 2 tablespoons of crushed 5 berries;

·         smoked trout toast with 5 berries: add 2 teaspoons of ground 5 berries on your toast before serving;

·         goat cheese and winegrower's salt: sprinkle 2 pinches of winegrower's salt on your slice of goat cheese log and enjoy;

·         foie gras with winegrower's salt: on your slice of foie gras, add 1 pinch of winegrower's salt and enjoy;

·         foie gras chantilly: add 1 teaspoon of foie gras blend to 20 cl of cream;

·         crème brûlée with foie gras : add 1 teaspoon of foie gras assembly to your preparation before blending it;

·         homemade foie gras: add 2 teaspoons of foie gras assembly to your lobe of raw foie gras.



A box of 3 spices to offer or to offer yourself!


Share the passion of good taste with this gift box

This box is ideal for introducing your loved ones to the world of Terre Exotique. Composed of spices, berries and perfumed salt, it is perfect for a first approach of our range.

Of course you can also offer it to yourself! This "Once upon a time, there was a foie gras" box is a good way to discover or re-discover our products while treating yourself.


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Ingredients foie gras spice blend, five peppercorns blend, vigneron salt.
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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