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Tailor made Curry box

Tailor made Curry box

Each curry recipe is unique and has its own flavour and aromas.

Hence, we invite you to choose your 6 favourite blends from our selection to spice up each and every dishes.

We are delighted to offer you one of the 6 blends!

It is presented in an elegant black box which makes it an exceptional tailor made gift. 

Discover below how to cook with curry. 

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    About Curry

    The word “curry” has lots of different meanings. Curry is a stew-type dish made with sauce and spices. Curry powder, like Terre Exotique’s Madras curry, is a blend of spices used in cooking to season dishes. Rather than the term curry, Indians are more likely to use the word “masala” which means “mix” in Hindi.


    The curry offered in the box

    Red curry

    This fairly spicy mix is very popular in Thailand, and will spice up your meat, shrimp, or even tofu recipes. Red curry is obviously widely used in Thai cuisine, and in many Asian dishes, but it can also be used in European dishes. Red curry is a delicious blend of spices with hot and spicy flavours and aromas. Its flavours are complex, intense and very aromatic.

    Green curry

    Thai Green Curry powder is superbly fresh and slightly spicy and will delight all your chicken, white fish and King prawn dishes.

    Breton curry

    This spice mix whisks us back to the times of the East India Company of the 17th century. Discover our exclusive recipe. Rich in iodine, it is delicious with all your seafood dishes.

    Madras curry

    There are plenty of ways to use Madras curry, in slow-cooked Indian dishes, or added to a pan of hot oil when frying onions, or sprinkled over chicken, fish or vegetables before roasting. Or sprinkle it directly into your lemon vinaigrette, mayonnaise, or a yoghurt and shallot sauce. Madras yellow curry is very slightly hot and spicy, and you can even add Madras curry to children’s dishes as long as you’re not too heavy handed!

    Roasted black curry

    Discovered at the spice market in Galle, this roasted black curry powder is the emblematic flavor of Sri Lanka. Its toasted notes and strong aromas are truly exceptional. It enhances fish, grilled meat and pan-fried vegetables.

    Shichimi togarashi curry

    A mix of spicy and lemony notes. First blended by herb dealers in Edo (17th century). "Shichimi togarashi" translated literally means " seven-flavour chili pepper". It is used to season soups, noodles, rice and grilled meat.

    Rendang Curry

    This is a traditional Padang recipe from west Sumatra. As a base ingredient for festive dishes of the Minangkabau people, Rendang Curry is used to season the rendang curry dish: beef stewed for hours in coconut milk.


    Colombo is used in West Indian cuisine to flavour the traditional Colombo dish, or seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. The Colombo mix differs from its Indian counterpart curry as it is not quite as pungent and is more brightly coloured. It is best used infused in sauces or cream to preserve its delicate aromas. Do not boil it or cook it at too high a temperature. This spice mix with its sweet anise flavours will enhance sweet potatoes, crunchy green beans, aubergines or courgettes. It is ideal with rice, crunchy vegetables with butter or white meat served in a cream sauce.

    Raz el hanout

    Raz el hanout is a traditional Moroccan spice mix, essential for tagines and couscous, however its warm spicy and enchanting flavours will also enhance all your Western dishes. It is quite an amazing mix, containing up to 30 ingredients, depending on the tastes and inspiration of the spice maker who concocts it. However some ingredients are essential like cumin, cubeb pepper, ginger, nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, fenugreek and green anise.


    This traditional exotic mix from Southern India is ideal for marinades for chicken or stews. A perfect addition to coconut milk sauces. Best added at the end of the cooking process and infused only lightly to avoid any bitterness.


    Cooking with curry

    Discover in the link below an easy-to-use chart to help you master the delicate and delicious art of curry. Easy to make, you can cook these curry dishes in less than 20 minutes using basic every day ingredients that you’re sure to find in your cupboards.

    Learn more about cooking with curry.