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25th anniversary box (limited edition)
25th anniversary box (limited edition)
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25th anniversary box (limited edition)

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Terre Exotique, we have created an elegant limited edition gift set consisting of 5 signature spices and blends from the house: Penja white pepper, Trapper's blend, Cajun blend, Breton curry, and roasted spice-infused fleur de sel. An artwork specially created by the artist painter and friend of the House, Albane de Saint Rémy, adorns the boxes of this anniversary collection.

And that's not all! A porcelain mortar, both practical and aesthetic, is graciously included as an extra gift.


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A Gift Set to Celebrate Terre Exotique's 25th Anniversary

To commemorate this anniversary, we asked Albane de Saint Rémy, a friend and artist from Tours, to represent our identity. The result: a graceful and precise harvester, immersed in a botanical and peppery dance. Albane named this artwork "Among the Peppers." This limited edition collection is presented in the iconic Terre Exotique box, suitable for everyday use in the kitchen and, why not, to keep as a beautiful object.

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The Iconic Spices and Blends of Terre Exotique Featured in This Gift Set

This artwork adorns the labels of our anniversary collection, showcasing 5 of our iconic spices and blends.

Penja White Pepper: The Heart of Erwann de Kerros

This pepper is the origin of our story. The story of Erwann de Kerros and Penja pepper dates back to the 1990s when he temporarily settled in Cameroon. Freshly graduated, he discovered this famous pepper during his experience on a farm, developing a strong taste for this spice. That's how the idea of Terre Exotique was born, rooted in Penja.

Using Penja White Pepper in Cooking

This Penja white pepper stands out with its exceptional character and unique flavor, featuring animal notes and hints of menthol. It is a true gem for all kitchens and pairs perfectly with flavorful dishes. Whether it's with foie gras, chocolate, or certain cheeses, this pepper offers numerous opportunities to use it! With the porcelain mortar, you can crush the grains to unleash all the flavors of this exceptional pepper and sprinkle it into your recipes.

Trapper's Blend: The Marriage of Maple Syrup and Spices

A unique and savory Canadian blend. This sweet and savory Quebecois spice blend is a staple of Terre Exotique's cuisine. Its origin is the result of chance! A trapper in the Canadian Far North accidentally spilled salt into his pot of maple syrup. Determined not to waste his precious sugar, he used the resulting mixture on his dried bison meat. Thus, this great Quebec classic was born. The personality of the Trapper's Blend is characterized by the use of maple nuggets obtained by evaporating the syrup. Maple syrup is to Quebecois what baguette is to the French: an institution. However, its production is long and arduous: it takes 40 liters of sap to obtain 1 liter of syrup and 100 liters of sap to make 1 kg of sugar.

Using Trapper's Blend in Cooking

This sweet and savory Quebecois blend is perfect for accompanying salmon, grilling, or creamy soups. This typically Quebecois recipe, combining salt, spices, and sweetness, enhances all your dishes. The mild and flavor-rich maple syrup adds seasoning even to the simplest dishes. The Trapper's Blend can be used as a flavored fleur de sel, meaning it goes well with absolutely everything.

Cajun Blend: The Traditional Recipe from Louisiana, Essential for Your Kitchen

French-speaking Cajuns are descendants of the Acadians, the French settlers from Nova Scotia who were deported to Louisiana by the English during the tragic event known as the "Great Upheaval" in 1750. They settled in the strange and inhospitable lands of the Mississippi "bayous," swamps teeming with wild animals, as it was the only place they were allowed to establish themselves. This blend of spices and herbs is the result of the ingenuity of these French settlers who learned to survive in these unknown lands. It consists of paprika, coriander, mustard, turmeric, fennel, cumin, black pepper, and garlic.

Using Cajun Blend in Cooking

This blend of spices will transport you on a culinary journey while remaining suitable for Western cuisine, thanks to the perfectly balanced use of Cayenne pepper, which brings fruity and invigorating aromas. The Cajun Blend pairs perfectly with potatoes and fish. It also makes a delicious court-bouillon for shellfish, with robust, spicy, and highly aromatic notes.

Breton Curry: The Delicious Marriage of India and Brittany

Breton Curry is an exclusive recipe developed by Terre Exotique, inspired by the encounter between spice blends brought back by the East India Company and the fishermen of Lorient. This unique curry, known as Breizh Curry, incorporates fragrant dried seaweeds such as nori, dulse, wakame, and sea lettuce. Combined with cumin, fennel, and coriander, these marine flavors give the Breton Curry its distinctive taste.

Using Breton Curry in Cooking

This Breton curry adds flavor and depth to your seafood dishes. It pairs deliciously with a pot of creamy mussels, simply sautéed shrimp, or even mayonnaise! The Breton Curry is particularly suitable for children as its spiciness level is very mild. It is a slightly iodized and original blend that allows for palate education without being overwhelmed by excessive intensity.

Roasted Spice-infused Fleur de Sel: Our Everyday Fleur de Sel with Rounded Roasting Notes that Have Conquered Many Chefs and Foodies

The salt marshes located in Ifaty, in the southwest of Madagascar, are the source of this delicious salt. The seawater in these clay basins evaporates through the combined action of wind and sun. The result of this process is fleur de sel, which is not harvested with a rake but delicately hand-picked. This preserves its light and airy texture without alteration. Our roasted spices, on the other hand, are carefully selected as they are part of the basic composition of a curry. This recipe is inspired by the Reunion Island tradition, where women always start by roasting certain spices before adding their personal touch. These spices are also present in the recipe of our flavored fleur de sel: coriander, sesame, garlic, fenugreek, and cumin. Once roasted, their aromas evolve and become more complex. This Reunion Island specificity gave birth to...

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More Information
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Allergen Sésame, moutarde / Sesame, mustard
Native country Se reporter aux origines produits
Ingredients Fleur de sel with roasted spices, trappeur blend, white Penja pepper
PGI, cajun spice blend, breizh curry, porcelain mortar.
Possible trace: milk, egg, fish, shellfish, mollusc, soya, gluten
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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