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The 5 Bourbon Peppers

The 5 Bourbon Peppers

The 5 Bourbon Peppers: An Ode to Madagascar

This exclusive blend of Malagasy peppers and berries presents a bouquet of the most elegant aromas! Its very mild spiciness and fruity, woody flavors make it a perfect companion for your cheese platters, soups, and poultry.

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How to Use the 5 Bourbon Peppers in Cooking?

Step out of the ordinary and the usual 5-pepper blend with this exclusive Terre Exotique blend: the 5 Bourbon Peppers! A balanced combination of wonders from the Red Island, Madagascar. For easy use, crushed, in your everyday kitchen.

Our Recipe Ideas for Using the 5 Bourbon Peppers in Your Kitchen

  • - Roasted Chicken with 5 Bourbon Peppers: Rub a whole chicken with a mixture of olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and generously season with the 5 Bourbon Peppers for a crispy and flavorful skin.
  • - Shrimp and 5 Bourbon Peppers Tagliatelle: Prepare tagliatelle with sautéed shrimp, garlic, and a pinch of the 5 Bourbon Peppers for a spicy and aromatic touch.
  • - Roasted Vegetable Soup with 5 Bourbon Peppers: Mix roasted vegetables with vegetable broth and season with the 5 Bourbon Peppers for a comforting soup with subtle flavors.
  • - Beef Tartare with 5 Bourbon Peppers: Finely chop raw beef, mix with shallots, parsley, a drizzle of olive oil, and season with the 5 Bourbon Peppers for a refined and flavorful appetizer.

The Aromas of the 5 Bourbon Peppers

Each of the 5 meticulously selected Malagasy spices finds its place in this exclusive blend. Their aromas complement each other beautifully, developing fruity, warm, and woody notes.

Madagascar, Botanical Opulence

Nicknamed the "Red Island" for its lateritic soils, Madagascar is a treasure trove of biodiversity and a paradise for botanists. With nearly 80% of endemic plants, its unique ecosystem offers an unparalleled richness of flora.

Which spices make up the 5 Bourbon Peppers?

Among them are a variety of spices, including:

  • - Voatsiperifery pepper, a piper borbonense. A wild pepper endemic to the island, hiding in the canopy of the primary forest.
  • - Black pepper from Madagascar and salted green pepper from the coasts, both piper nigrum growing on the East coast of the island. The green one is harvested early and then brined before drying.
  • - Cinnamon buds, Cinnamomum cassia, dried floral buds of the cinnamon tree, with fruity and warm aromas.
  • - Pink peppercorn, a schinus terebenthifolius, with a color evoking the indulgence of this berry. It mainly grows in the Anôsy province.

Spices in Madagascar

Madagascar, the lush island in the Indian Ocean, is a spice paradise. Once a crossroads of maritime routes, the island was prized for its natural riches, especially spices. These, shaping the history and culture of Madagascar, are now at the heart of its cuisine. They bring traditional dishes to life, rich in flavors, and tell a story of discovery, trade, and tradition.

More Information
More Information
Allergen Absence
Native country FRANCE
Ingredients black pepper, green salty coastal pepper, pink peppercorn,
voatsiperifery pepper, cinnamon berry.
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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