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Tahini, 180g

This Middle Eastern sesame seed paste is delicious in cooking, and perfect for replacing cream, and is simply divine spread on bread and topped with a drizzle of honey – pure decadence !


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Tahini comes from the Arabic “ṭaḥīniyya”, which means to grind.

Sesame seeds have been used in the Middle East since Ancient times, with sesame grown in Mesopotamia over 3,500 years ago. Sesame seeds are rich in calcium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 – a true superfood.

Tahini releases notes of almonds and hazelnuts, delicious in both sweet and savoury dishes. Tahini is very popular in the Middle East and is an essential ingredient of hummus and aubergine caviar. Perfect for replacing cream in your soups it will add a slightly nutty oriental taste. Rich in protein, Tahini is a MUST in vegetarian cuisine, delicious as a sauce for falafel.

A few recipe ideas:

Aubergine caviar
This is a super easy recipe: grill the aubergines, remove the skin and mix the aubergines with Tahini, crushed garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and plain yoghurt. A perfect summer starter, served with raw vegetables, or on toast or with crackers - a finger licking success!

Easy Hummus
Rinse and strain a jar of chick peas and place in your mixer with 5cl water, 5cl olive or sesame oil and the juice of 1 lemon. Mix together. Add 2 teaspoons of Tahini and half a clove of crushed garlic and mix again. Sprinkle with paprika and a drizzle of olive oil just before serving. For a truly traditional and authentic hummus, you should use shelled chick peas as their skin can be difficult to digest.


Additional Information

Country Mexico

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Tahin : 3 recettes faciles et rapides

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Ingredient Sesame
Use By date 1 year
Allergen Sesame
Storage conditions Keep in a room temperature
Nutritional info

Nutrition facts
Serving size : 1tsp (7g)
Amount per serving

Calories : 33 Kcal
Fat : 59g
Trans fat : <0.5g
Saturated fat : 9g
Polyunsaturated : 26g
Monounsaturated : 24g
Sodium : 11mg
Total Carbohydrate : 15.2g
Dietary Fiber : 9g
Protein : 19.5g

Price/kg 23.33


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