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Whole spices


Originally, the word "spice" came from species which until the 17th century meant all that the spice traders sold. This included all dry goods like rice, sugar, nutmeg, pepper, salt, etc. These spices were imported into Europe by boat by the Venetians, the Arabs or the Genoese and then over the centuries by the Portuguese, the Dutch, the English and the French. In the past, spices were used in medecine for their antibacterial properties.

Amongst our selection of whole spices, you will find berries, fruit, seeds and other wild pods…This array of whole spices will reveal a huge range of new hot, sweet and spicy flavours to jazz up your daily cooking. 

From Indonesian nutmeg to Iranian saffron discover Ceylon cinnamon and Japanese Yuzu; Discover their history, their botanical properties, and their amazing biodiversity. Discover how they are grown and learn the difference between cultivated spices and spontaneous spices or between those that grow in the wild and those that have been introduced into new countries. 

Enjoy grinding, cracking and crushing them with a pestle and mortar. And above all, take pleasure in choosing just the right whole spice for your dishes!