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Roasted spices


These roast spices and roast peppers have exceptional organoleptic properties. Traditionally, the roasting process is used in coffee or cocoa production to change the smell, the colour and the taste. To enhance the delicate aromas of these spices and peppers, the roasting process is slow and mild. Once roasted the spices and peppers develop toasted and grilled flavours and aromas of caramel. The heat changes the pigmentation of the roast spices and peppers. Terre Exotique's roast spices and peppers have been roasted by hand, with no added fat and at a constant temperature. We suggest you crack them roughly using a pestle and mortar to release their full aromas of grilled hazelnuts. Be careful not to overheat them while cooking, they are best used just before serving.

Our range of roast spices and roast peppers includes: Black Malabar roast pepper, White Penja roast pepper, green roast pepper, roast cumin, roast sesame, roast Tonka bean, roast coriander and roast Sarrazin.