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Hot Chili peppers


There are hundreds of different varieties of chilli peppers that range from gentle to extremely hot on the Scoville scale.
Chilli peppers probably initially came from Bolivia or neighbouring countries and then spread throughout Central America and Mexico with birds scattering the seeds.
In terms of volume, chilli peppers are the leading spice used worldwide and are used in sauces, drinks and in cooking. There are five botanical species: Capsicum annumCapsicum baccatumCapsicum chinenseCapsicum frutescens and Capsicum pubescents.
In addition to their spicy properties chilli peppers also release sweet, peppery, scorching, gentle, bitter or hot flavours.
Chilli peppers have been around for thousands of years and grow in all the hot climates of the world. They were brought to Europe for the first time by Christopher Colombus. Thereafter, the Spanish and the Portuguese took chilli peppers to the four corners of the world from China, India and tropical Asia, to the Balkans, and many other territories.

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