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Spice blends

Spice blends


Since time immemorial man has always blended spices. Each country and each culture has its traditional blend.
In Ethiopia, each family has its own secret berbere recipe, handed down from generation to generation. In India, curry blends are used to season lentils, meat and vegetable dishes. In Morocco no home-made tagine would be without a hint of Raz-el-hanout!

Our selection of spice blends from all around the world offer a wide range of flavours and culinary experiences: exotic blends, everyday spice blends, roast spice blends, Asian spice blends, African spice blends, oriental blends, whole spice blends, ground spice blends…

These spice blends will take you on a journey to discover age-old culinary traditions.
Enjoy these culinary treasures and the wondrous range of gastronomic pleasures from around the globe. These spice blends have been carefully selected using the highest quality spices to bring you new tastes and culinary creativity.