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Aromatic herbs and seaweeds

The subtle flavours of flowers and herbs and their delightful colours will add an elegant and refined touch to all your daily dishes. All our flowers are carefully selected and contain no artificial colourings or flavourings. Our aromatic herbs are an original and trendy addition to your recipes. Our range includes rose petals, jasmine, hibiscus, marigold petals, cornflower petals, salad flowers, and many other culinary treasures. As far back as Ancient times, flowers and herbs were used in the kitchen. In France, flowers and herbs were widely used in cooking in the 17th century for making ice-creams, fruit jellies, infusions, hot toddies and cordials. Seaweed and algae: a culinary delight and a festival of flavours and aromas, they will brighten up all your dishzs. Algae are renowned for their stimulating, tonic and revitalising properties. They are low in calories and are highly recommended for diets as they ease digestion. Our range of culinary algae includes spiruline, sea salad, wakamé and many other seaweeds. They are increasingly popular with the rising trend of Asian cuisine and will also add an exciting hint to your chocolate desserts, Japanese salads, butters, rice and fish dishes and pan-fried vegetables.