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Serge'n Pepper™, POP 4-5-6

POP stands for “pepper of pepper” meaning, like la crème de la crème, a product of superlative quality. The POP collection consists of innovative blends of crushed peppercorns and exotic berries contained in stylish and pocket-sized vintage-design tins. Wherever and whatever you’re eating, a POP is always to hand to pep up your food.

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Timur berry

Timur berry

Voatsiperifery pepper

Voatsiperifery pepper

Serge'n Pepper™, POP 1-2-3

Serge'n Pepper™, POP 1-2-3

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POPs from Serge’n Pepper: good taste always within reach.

More than a mere seasoning each POP offers a unique gustative journey. Enjoy the blends’ sweet, sour, fresh and minty notes are on everyday day dishes as well as gourmet meals. Share them with friends, in restaurants, at dinner parties in the office or on the plane. Try a pinch, all on its own!

It’s in the bag!
For the food-lover on the go… these three retro-style tins slip easily into a trouser or shirt pocket, or a handbag.
POP stands for “pepper of pepper,” meaning, like la crème de la crème, a product of superlative quality.

POP#4 is rich in floral notes, like an autumn scent. Add generously to natural yoghurt, a fruit salad or a plain boiled egg. POP#4 loves raw vegetables and fish!
Composition : Voastiperifery, Timur, Penja, Allspice.

POP#5 will blow you away with its aroma! Its very texture is super enticing and its bouquet of sweet spices and fresh lemon will liven up all kinds of everyday dishes. Highly evocative, POP#5 aspires to be like the famous madeleine cake in Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time: a simple sensory delight that unleashes the imagination.
Composition : Voastiperifery, Cubeb, Kampot.

POP#6 is characterised by its smoky and herbal notes. It will add vim to a tabbouleh or soup and spice up raw vegetables. POP#6 loves mixed salads!
Composition : Voastiperifery, white Penja, black Tellichery, black brazilian, Batak berry shells.


Additional Information

Country No
Brand Serge'n Pepper
Use By date 5 ans
Storage conditions À l'abri de la chaleur, de la lumière et de l'humidité
Nutritional info No
Ingredient Voatsiperifery, Baie Timur, Poivre de Penja, Baie de Jamaïque, Cubèbe, Poivre de Kampot, Tellichery, Poivre de Belèm, Baie des Bataks
Allergen Allergen free
Price/kg 330


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