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Serge'n Pepper™, POP 1-2-3

POP stands for “pepper of pepper” meaning, like la crème de la crème, a product of superlative quality. The POP collection consists of innovative blends of crushed peppercorns and exotic berries contained in stylish and pocket-sized vintage-design tins. Wherever and whatever you’re eating, a POP is always to hand to pep up your food.

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Red Kampot pepper

Red Kampot pepper

Black Malabar pepper

Black Malabar pepper

Serge'n Pepper™, POP 4-5-6

Serge'n Pepper™, POP 4-5-6

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POPs from Serge’n Pepper : good taste always within reach

More than mere seasoning, each POP delivers a singular sensory experience. They’re the perfect addition to all kinds of sweet and savoury dishes, as well as sauces and roasts, and even raw fruit and vegetables.

Designed for the food lover on the go, these three vintage tins - fashioned after and used like classic pastille containers – are the perfect companion for the dedicated fan of all things peppery. Take them everywhere, use them every day, with every meal!

“By crushing a peppercorn or dried berry, all of its flavours and aromas are unleashed. With their unique combinations of different varieties, POPs deliver a wealth of incomparable tastes.”

POP#1 goes best with savoury dishes. Its unmatched aromatic power derives from a combination of smoky and minty notes. Try it with raw or persevered vegetables, potatoes, or  - yes! - even a sorbet! POP#1 loves wine, especially mulled and sparkling wines. It has the broadest appeal of all the POPs.
Composition : Malabar, Cubeb, Kampot, Penja, Batak.

POP#2 is a little more spicy and tangy. Its keynotes are citrus and flower. Sprinkle it on a cup of coffee, a ham sandwich, white asparagus or even a caramelised fruit tart. Kept just for oneself or shared with friends, POP#2 brings pure pleasure to the palate and will unleash your imagination!
Composition : Kampot, Penja, Voastiperifery, Timur, Allspice.

Le POP#3 is the Easy Rider of the collection. Its sweet caramel taste is intriguingly innovative. It’s the perfect partner to sea fish, white meats, grilled prawns or even a simple tomato sauce. A true delight!
Composition : Lampong, Cubeb, Sarawak, Passion berry.


Additional Information

Country No
Brand Serge'n Pepper
Use By date 5 ans
Storage conditions À l'abri de la chaleur, de l'humidité et de la lumière.
Nutritional info No
Ingredient Poivre de Malabar, Poivre de Cubèbe, Poivre de Kampot, Poivre de Penja, Baie des Bataks, Voatsiperifery, Baie Timur, Baie de Jamaïque, Poivre de Lampong, Poivre de Sarawak, Baie de la passion.
Allergen Allergen free
Price/kg 433.33


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