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White voatsiperifery pepper

White voatsiperifery pepper

Discover White Voatsiperifery Pepper

Harvested at extreme maturity from vines over 20 meters high, in the heart of Malagasy forests. Its woody notes perfectly complement crunchy vegetables, a beautiful roasted poultry, sautéed chanterelles, or a fish en papillote.

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How to Use White Voatsiperifery Pepper in Cooking?

It can be paired with crunchy vegetables sautéed in butter or a gratin of vegetables. It also enhances sautéed chanterelles, oven-roasted poultry, a bitter chocolate cake, or an emulsified sauce. Whole or ground pepper is a living product that can lose its flavor, oxidize, or become rancid. It should be protected to preserve all its aromas. It is best stored in a dry place away from light.

Some Recipe Ideas to Use White Voatsiperifery Pepper

  • - Salmon with White Voatsiperifery Pepper: Coat salmon fillets with crushed white voatsiperifery pepper before grilling or baking them. Serve with a lemon and dill sauce;
  • - Pan-Seared Seafood with White Voatsiperifery Pepper: Season shrimp, scallops, or squid with white voatsiperifery pepper and quickly sauté them in a pan with garlic, butter, and lemon;
  • - Butternut Squash Velouté with White Voatsiperifery Pepper: Add a pinch of white voatsiperifery pepper to a velvety butternut squash soup for a subtle and spicy flavor;
  • - Roast Chicken with White Voatsiperifery Pepper: Season a whole chicken with white voatsiperifery pepper, salt, and herbs. Roast in the oven for a crispy skin and deep flavors;
  • - Steak with White Voatsiperifery Pepper: Season steaks with crushed white voatsiperifery pepper before grilling or pan-searing them. Serve with a creamy pepper sauce;
  • - Beef Carpaccio with White Voatsiperifery Pepper: Season beef carpaccio slices with white voatsiperifery pepper, parmesan, and a drizzle of olive oil.

What Are the Aromas of White Voatsiperifery Pepper?

Very complex, white voatsiperifery pepper is the ideal complement to dishes that require the freshness of a tangy spiciness. It is best to use it just before tasting your dish, not too finely ground, to preserve its aromatic finesse. Do not let it infuse for too long in a preparation, as it could become bitter.

Where Does White Voatsiperifery Pepper Grow?

White voatsiperifery pepper grows spontaneously in the heart of Malagasy forests, on vines that can reach 30 meters high. It belongs to the botanical family of Piperaceae.

How Is It Harvested?

This wild pepper from the Big Island only bears fruit on young shoots from June to August in southeastern Madagascar. The white color of voatsiperifery pepper is the result of many hours of work to remove the pericarp from the fresh grains. The goal is to keep only the core where the aromas of this rare pepper are concentrated. This "wild pepper" is often confused with cubeb pepper, which has earned it the nickname "country cubeb" in Madagascar. For almost twenty years, it has been delighting chefs in Europe! Voatsiperifery can be found in some traditional Malagasy dishes and in macerations with various varieties of chili peppers.

Where Does the Name Voatsiperifery Come From?

The name voatsiperifery comes from Malagasy, where "voa" means fruit and "tsiperifery" represents the name of the plant. The harvest of this extraordinarily rare pepper takes place only from June to August, entirely by hand, by Malagasy village communities.

More Information
More Information
Allergen Absence
Native country MADAGASCAR
Genus and botanical species Piper borbonense
Ingredients white voatsiperifery pepper
Nutritional Info


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