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Red voastsiperifery pepper
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Red voastsiperifery pepper

This exceptional pepper is harvested when fully ripe, then sorted individually. Its fresh and fruity notes will enliven chocolate desserts, delicate fish and grilled red meat. Pepper specialists will delight in using this Malagasy treasure in their festive dishes.

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Origin and Harvest of Red Voatsiperifery Pepper

Red Voatsiperifery pepper grows in the heart of the Malagasy forests, on vines that can reach 30 meters in height. It belongs to the botanical family of Piperaceae. Its name comes from "voa," meaning fruit, and "tsiperifery," which refers to the name of the plant (Piper borbonense) in Malagasy. This wild pepper from the Great Island only bears fruit on young shoots from June to August in the southeast of Madagascar.

The success of good red Voatsiperifery pepper is linked to the quality of the harvest. The maturation of the grains of this pepper is "asynchronous," meaning that on the same cluster, one can see immature grains (green) and overripe grains (red) coexisting. Harvesting is done at different stages of maturity and depending on the type of pepper desired: red Voatsiperifery pepper is harvested at extreme maturity.

Aromas of Red Voatsiperifery Pepper

On the nose, this small stemmed pepper expresses strong notes of burnt herbs, all enveloped in powerful fruity aromas. In the mouth, it presents a moderately spicy attack with exotic flavors.

Using Red Voatsiperifery Pepper in Cooking

Usage Tips: The "piperoman" will know how to associate this Malagasy gem with their exceptional dishes: delicate fish, veal cuts, roasted sea bass, or grilled lobsters.

Its fresh and fruity notes awaken chocolate preparations, delicate fish, and grilled red meats. Definitely try it with a handful of sautéed chanterelles or a beautiful roasted poultry.

It is preferable to use this rare pepper from Madagascar coarsely ground with a mortar and pestle. Be careful not to let it infuse for too long in a preparation as it could become bitter.

Pepper and Wine Pairing: Like vines, harvesting pepper clusters at different stages of maturity allows for very varied results for the same Voatsiperifery pepper.

We recommend pairing this pepper with a soft red wine with camphor notes such as a Côte de Bourgueil (powerful, tannic, and rustic).

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More Information
More Information
Allergen Absence
Native country MADAGASCAR
Genus and botanical species Piper borbonense
Ingredients red voatsiperifery pepper
Nutritional Info


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