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Mexican spice rub

Mexican spice rub

Mexican rub: strong chilli pepper and tangy lemon


Terre Exotique’s Mexican rub was inspired by the well-known Mexican seasoning. Everyone knows that the Mexicans love their chillis, but this always goes hand-in-hand with lemon!

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Which Dishes to Use the Mexican Rubs Blend In?

This flavorful and spicy blend of Mexican-inspired spices will turn your simple dishes into real successes!

Our Recipe Ideas for Using the Mexican Rubs Blend in Your Cooking

Roasted Pineapple with Mexican Rubs: click here to discover the full recipe.

Chamoy Sauce: add 2 teaspoons to your ingredients, except lime juice, and cook for 20 minutes;

Mexican-flavored marinated meat: rub the meat with 2 teaspoons of Mexican rubs and olive oil, let marinate overnight;

Mexican Tacos: sprinkle a pinch of Mexican rubs on your tacos before enjoying;

Michelada Cocktail Glass: squeeze the juice of a lime and put the juice on the rim of your glass, roll the glass in Mexican rubs;

Fajitas: sprinkle a pinch of Mexican rubs on your fajitas before enjoying;

Mexican-style Roasted Vegetables: add 2 teaspoons of Mexican rubs to your vegetables before baking or pan-frying;

Mexican-flavored Potatoes: sprinkle the Mexican rubs blend on your potatoes before baking;

Mexican Dressing: put a teaspoon of Mexican rubs blend with oil, cider vinegar, and liquid honey to enhance your rice and red bean salads, corn, red onions, bell peppers, and bacon.

Mexican Beef Short Ribs: click here to discover the full recipe

The Aromas of the Blend Straight from Mexico

This Mexican recipe, both spicy and tangy, enhances all preparations. Cayenne pepper will bring its fruity touch, balanced by the lively and biting aroma of lime. Of course, this blend is recommended for palates appreciating spicy flavors, as Cayenne pepper warms the taste buds.

The moderately spicy Mexican rubs blend from Terre Exotique will warm your palate while adding a touch of freshness to your dishes. Spicy, hot, and fruity at the same time, this perfectly dosed blend allows you to make different dishes with simplicity.

What Is Composed in This Famous Mexican Blend?

A rub, also called a dry marinade, is a mixture of spices rubbed on meat before cooking. This blend is composed of paprika, lime, salt, and cayenne pepper.

Paprika in this blend comes from the Zitava region in Slovakia. Its botanical name is Capsicum annuum and it belongs to the Solanaceae family, just like bell peppers and chili peppers. It has been traditionally cultivated in Slovakia for over 100 years. Paprika, also known as sweet pepper, originates from Colombia and the southern United States.

Cayenne pepper is one of the hottest peppers in the world. Also called Pili-pili, this red pepper is harvested in Uganda ("the Pearl of Africa"). Its scientific name is Capsicum frutescens and it belongs to the Solanaceae family, like paprika. It is also grown in Madagascar, Congo, and Zanzibar.

Where Does the Mexican Rubs Blend Come From?

The History of the Mexican Rubs Blend

The recipe for the rubs, developed by Horacio Fernandez, dates back to 1985. Inspired by his grandmother's dressing, Horacio Fernandez named this blend Tajin, referring to the El Tajin archaeological site located in southern Mexico that he discovered during a trip.

Mexican cuisine is known for being diverse and rich in spices. Chili peppers are an integral part of Mexican culinary culture, as is meat. Therefore, chili-based marinades are deeply rooted. The Mexican rubs blend is what is called a dry marinade. You simply need to rub the spice blend on the meat to enhance its flavors.

In the southern United States, during the conquest of America by the Spanish and Portuguese, a cooking process used by a Native American ethnic group was discovered: barbacoa (barbecue). A cooking process during which spices were added to the meat to give it more flavor. Sprinkled on the meat or rubbed, rubs entered culinary traditions. It was after the war, in the 1950s, that this cooking method became widespread worldwide.

Rubs are therefore traditionally used in South American cuisine, both past and present.

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More Information
Allergen Absence
Native country FRANCE
Ingredients paprika, lime, salt, Cayenne chilli pepper.
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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