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Halen Mon smoked flakes, Anglesey island, 500 g

These sea salt flakes are very salty and will liven up all your dishes. A pinch is enough to take you to the depths of the deep blue sea ! 


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With a little know-how, a lot of research, trials and passion, a couple of indomitable Welshmen succeeded in transforming sea water from the Isle of Anglesey into a product of excellence that the greatest chefs, with Ferran Adria at the head, can no longer 
do without.

The Michelin Guide named Halen Môn salt one of the 
world’s 5 best gastronomical products.

It is guaranteed to be 100% additive-free and is entirely 
harvested by hand.

Crunchy, delicate, pure, and translucent, these flaky crystals are 
harvested with the greatest care thanks to a high technology system that preserves the trace elements and the 

The cold waters of the North Atlantic first pass through two natural filters, a sandbank, and a mussel bed before being transported by pipelines into large heated tanks.
- The water evaporates slowly, and is transformed into salt brine.
- When the salt concentration is very high, the water is poured into shallow tanks so that it crystallizes.
- The crystals are then harvested by hand and rinsed in water until
 they shine.


Additional Information

Country United Kingdom
Post Découvrez nos articles sur notre blog
Ingredient Seal salt, wood smoke
Allergen Allergen free
Use By date 10 years
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place.
Nutritional info


Price/kg 98
Color Yellow


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