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Terre Exotique’s collection of salt includes salts from around the world, best used just before serving on delicate dishes or for seasoning at the table. These salts from Peru, Australia, the Egyptian white desert or from Bolivia, are all unique due to their colour, taste ou texture.


From far away lands!

 Hawaiian black salt: rich in mineral content, black lava stone is added to the sea salt ponds, which is what gives it this rich dark black colour.

 Peruvian Maras salt: this pink salt, with its intense flavour, comes from an ocean partly trapped underground at the source of the Andes in Peru.

 Murray River salt: these salt flakes, with their delightful apricot colour, are obtained by introducing salt water from the Murray Darling basin in Australia to crystallisation ponds.

Terre Exotique’s salt range includes: Halen Môn Anglesey sea salt, Bolivian salt from salt flats, Salish salt from the USA, Viking salt, Cyprus salt, etc…

 Fleur de sel is the treasure of salty marshes!

Terre Exotique’s range of fleur de sel includes fleur de sel from Madagascar with spices and a collection of French salt: Camargue fleur de sel, île de Ré fleur de sel, Guérande fleur de sel and Noirmoutier fleur de sel. They are all wonderfully pure, light and crunchy and this comes from the way in which they are hand picked by salt farmers. Fleur de sel forms a thin crust of white crystals on the surface of clay salt ponds when the water evaporates due to the sun and the wind. These fleur de sel crystals are best used after cooking, just before serving or for seasoning at the table to maintain all their delicate aromas.

 To delight your palate, we have mixed our fleur de sel from Ifaty (Madagascar) with a wonderful choice of spices: Penja pepper, grilled spices, summer truffles, saffron, green matcha tea, ginger, yuzu, Espelette chilli pepper or lemon zest.