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Salted butter toffees, 200 g
Salted butter toffees, 200 g

Salted butter toffees, 200 g

Will you be able to resist the candies with flavors of salted butter caramels?

Rediscover all the sweetness of caramel in these delicious candies, born from artisanal craftsmanship in the town of Saint Malo.

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Delicious caramels for a moment of sweetness

Sweet, sugary, and comforting, caramel candies are to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether shared or kept for oneself! They're perfect for a snack accompanied by brioche and gourmet bread, on a candy tray mixed with other sweets, or even during a meal to accompany your cheese with a sweet and savory mix. Enjoy them because the options are vast!

The delights of caramel

Caramel candies offer distinct flavors characterized by deep notes of caramelized sugar, creating a velvety and melting sweetness in the mouth. The slow cooking of the sugar gives the candies an amber hue and a creamy texture, characteristic of artisanal production.

Caramel through the ages

The cultural history of caramel dates back to antiquity, evolving over the centuries with the advent of confectionery and the refinement of sweet cooking techniques. Caramels, resulting from the cooking of sugar with ingredients like butter and cream, gained popularity in the Middle Ages. They were then industrialized in the 19th century, becoming confectionery accessible to a wide audience. Innovation and creativity have enriched the world of caramel, placing it at the heart of various desserts, candies, and beverages. Today, caramel remains a culinary icon, reflecting the evolution of gastronomic preferences and creativity in global cuisine.

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