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Roast Coriander

Discover this irresistible roast coriander , with its toasted notes, crunchy texture and amber colour. The roasting process intensifies the delicate flavours of this coriander.  Use it to enliven marinades for your barbecued meat, vegetable mash and carpaccio.

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Simply exquisite !

This hand roasted coriander releases delicate scents of French toast and toasted brioche. Crack it roughly with a pestle and mortar to release light sweet flavours of caramel and notes of liquorice. Perfect with: vegetable mash, carpaccio, pan-fried lobster tails or citrus based vinaigrettes. Enchants lobster salad served with pink grapefruit, oven-roasted veal and sticky bitter chocolate cake.

Be careful not  to over heat this roast coriander while cooking as this may make it too herby. Best cracked roughly with a pestle and mortar and added to your dishes just before serving to preserve the delicate flavours. Don't grind too finely.


Additional Information

Country France
Post N/A
Allergen Allergen free
Ingredient Roasted coriander
Use By date 5 years
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place.
Nutritional info N/A
Color Brown


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