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Premium Ohitachi soy sauce, 100 ml
Premium Ohitachi soy sauce, 100 ml

Premium Ohitachi soy sauce, 100 ml

Discover Umami's Ohitachi Premium Soy Sauce

This premium soy sauce is made from carefully selected whole soybeans. It is fermented for over a year in wooden barrels that are over 100 years old.

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What is the flavor of Ohitachi premium soy sauce?

Its taste is deep, long-lasting, with a rounded mouthfeel, and very rich in umami.

How to use Ohitachi premium soy sauce in cooking?

This soy sauce will delight connoisseurs. It can be used in all your preparations as a substitute for salt, but it is best used as a finishing touch (sushi, sashimi, salad dressings) rather than for cooking, given its high quality.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 124,5
Allergen Soja, gluten / Soy, gluten
Native country JAPON

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