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Powdered blackcurrant

Produced in Burgundy, blackcurrant buds are dried, ground and sieved. This acidic, powerful and fruity spice can be used to replace pepper with chocolate and blends perfectly with foie gras.

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Both deliciously fruity and acidic !

Once ground, blackcurrant buds release fruity, woody notes. This yellow-red powder has a fairly punchy texture with flavours of acidy sweets reminiscent of childhood.

Sprinkle over a soft fruit tart or fresh goat's cheese for a hint of bitter sweetness. The blackcurrant berry will bring colour and a fruity touch to red meat, poultry terrines, a compote of soft fruits, homemade sorbets or a creamy white chocolate mousse.

Traditionally used to make Crème de Cassis liqueur and jams, discover how to use blackcurrant berry as a spice.  Blackcurrant pepper is made from the buds of the most noble variety of blackcurrants: "Noir de Bourgogne". All production stages are done entirely by hand using Burgundy Know-how.

The cultivation of blackcurrants is extremely precise like that of vines for wine. Harvesting is carried out in winter. Once picked, the buds are carefully sorted then dried in the sun before being ground.


Additional Information

Country France
Post N/A
Allergen Allergen free
Ingredient Powdered blackcurrant
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place
Use By date 5 years
Culture mod Cultivated, Introduced
Color White
Botanical genus and species Ribes nigrum
Intensity scale N/A
Other names Schwarze Johannisbeere, schwarze Ribisel
Aromatic footprint Amyl, Balsamic


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