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Plain caramalo, 220 g
Plain caramalo, 220 g

Plain caramalo, 220 g

Discover the Caramalo from "Les Comptoirs de Saint-Malo"

An unparalleled artisan creation made with simple and authentic ingredients: sugar, salted butter, and fresh cream. This salted butter caramel, without glucose or preservatives, promises a creamy and sweet experience to spread on your favorite desserts.

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The Caramalo from Les Comptoirs de Saint-Malo: An Artisanal Delight

Natural and Artisanal Ingredients

With a recipe that honors simplicity and authenticity, the Caramalo from Les Comptoirs de Saint-Malo is made from sugar, 10% salted butter, and cream. This selection of high-quality ingredients creates a salted butter caramel without glucose and without preservatives, promising a creamy texture and incomparable taste.

Tasting Tips

This salted butter caramel is delicious on a multitude of desserts. It elevates pancakes, apple pies, ice creams, baked apples, and brioche, adding a touch of happiness to each bite. Its creamy sweetness and rich taste make it the perfect accompaniment for your tasting moments.

Conservation Tips

To best preserve the freshness and flavor of this caramalo, it is advised not to refrigerate it after opening. Thus, you will enjoy its ideal texture and tasty flavor at any time.

A Commitment to Quality

Les Comptoirs de Saint-Malo are committed to offering an exceptional culinary experience, by highlighting simple but true ingredients. The caramalo is a perfect illustration of their artisanal know-how, inviting to a tasting full of sweetness and satisfaction.

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