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pili pili chilli pepper
pili pili chilli pepper
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pili pili chilli pepper

French pili-pili chilli pepper

Discover our pili-pili chilli pepper grown in France, in the Brenne valley. This pili-pili chilli pepper has very delicate fruity flavours. Its high capsaicin concentration makes this chilli pepper ideal for giving your dishes a hot punch! It scores 8/10 on the Scoville scale and is rated torrid.


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Ingredients pili pili chilli pepper
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Where to use this pili-pili chilli pepper

Our recipe ideas for this pili-pili chilli pepper:

  • Chilli oil: add 1½ teaspoon of pili-pili chilli pepper to your olive oil and leave the flavours infuse (check out our recipe on our blog);
  • Spicy ratatouille: add ¼ teaspoon of pili-pili chilli pepper to your ratatouille while cooking;
  • Chilli sauce: mix 1 teaspoon of pili-pili chilli pepper with chopped shallots and honey then use to spice up your dishes or pre-dinner dips;
  • Pili pili shrimp tagine: add a peck of pili pili chilli pepper to your tagine while cooking;
  • Chilli con carne: add ¼ teaspoon of pili-pili chilli pepper to your chilli con carne while cooking.

The fruity aromas of pili-pili chilli pepper

Pili-pili chilli pepper releases spicy yet fruity aromas with delicate floral notes. This chilli pepper will add delicious spicy notes to all your dishes.

How is pili-pili chilli pepper grown?

These pili-pili chilli peppers also known as bird’s eye chilli are grown in the Brenne Regional Natural Park.

Capsicum frutescens is originally from the Andes and is part of the Solonaceae family. Its name, “pili-pili” comes from Swahili and means “chilli” and “pepper”. This chilli is very popular in Congo, Senegal, La Reunion, Brazil and Portugal.

In line with our approach to promote our French spice producers, we have chosen this French chilli which is produced in compliance with short food supply chain principles. Our partner is fully committed to producing the best quality goods with strict adherence to organic farming standards.

All the products are grown in compliance with agroforestry principles which promote biodiversity and reduce water evaporation.

The origin of chilli pepper

Chilli peppers originally came from Bolivia and then spread gradually all over South America.

In Mexico, the caves of Tehuacan and Tamaulipas contain traces that show that chilli peppers were used by mankind for cooking as far back as 7,000 years ago!

Nowadays there are more than 140 varieties of chilli peppers, of all different shapes, sizes, colours, and strengths.

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