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Unique Peppers


Be enticed by these rare peppers, the stories behind them, the traditional practices that are involved and their truly extraordinary aromatic footprints.

These rare peppers include: Wild Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar, Cambodian red long pepper, Ethiopian Timiz pepper, Javanese long pepper and Cubeb pepper.

Enjoy their aromas and tastes and use your pestle and mortar to create your own mixes.

Discover their subtle yet complex notes, like a grand cru wine. Use our TEPIS SCALE (Terre Exotique's Pepper Intensity Scale) to help you choose just the right rare pepper for your dishes. Take "A Journey Through The Land of Peppers" with our four sets of grand cru peppers each with their own descriptive booklet.

Discover the aromatic footprint of each pepper, their strength and the perfect way to use them with all your dishes.