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Others Piper Nigrum


Pepper, sometimes so overlooked and yet it is the … King of all spices!
Terre Exotique has selected the best grand cru of green, black, white and red peppers. You'll discover hot, spicy, sweet, menthol and camphor flavours …

These grand cru peppers will take you on a wonderful journey uncovering the historical, botanical, gastronomical and poetic wonders of the world.

Our grand cru peppers:
- Black Sarawak pepper from the island of Borneo in Malaysia.
- Black Tellicherry pepper from the Malabar coast in India.
- White Belem pepper from Brazil.
- Lampong black pepper from the Southern tip of Sumatra in Indonesia.
- Black and red Phu Quoc pepper from Vietnam.
- Muntok pepper from Indonesia.
- Black and white Malabar pepper from India.
- Black Matale pepper from Sri Lanka.
- Black and white Nam Bô pepper from Vietnam.

All these peppers have exceptional organoleptic properties. To release the full flavours and aromas of these peppers, simply grind them or crack them with a pestle and mortar.