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Original Peppers


Original peppers are part of the Piper genus, and more specifically from the nigrum species. Originally from South West India on the Malabar coast, Piper nigrum has spread to every continent over the centuries, brought by man or by birds who spread the seeds. Two genuses of Piper nigrum are cultivated in the countries where the pepper plant grows: Cameroon, Cambodia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Madagascar, etc. There are two main types of (Piper nigrum) pepper: the large leafed plant (Lampong) and the small leafed plant (Muntok).
This difference in leaves is accompanied by differences in the shapes of the peppercorns and in their resistance to certain diseases. Piper nigrum is a vine which grows supported by stakes. For pepper to develop its organoleptic properties to the fullest, the pepper plant needs a tropical climate with intense heat, humidity and both light and shade.
There are 4 different coloured peppers: green, black, red and white. The colour depends on the maturity of peppercorns at harvest. Green peppercorns are picked before they ripen. Black peppercorns are picked when almost ripe. White peppercorns are picked when ripe then the hull is removed. Red peppercorns are picked when fully ripened then plunged into boiling water to set the colour.