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Peppers' suit case

Peppers' suit case

Embark on the most delightful culinary journey with the Terre Exotique Anniversary Suitcase

Celebrating Terre Exotique's 25th anniversary, explore this unique suitcase filled with 20 iconic spices and a granite mortar! A limited edition collector's item for discovering the Terre Exotique collection.

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A Selection of the Finest Spices and Blends!

Peppers, berries, and spice blends make up this wooden suitcase, engraved in celebration of Terre Exotique's 25 years. This precious case also contains:

  • - A granite mortar and pestle.
  • - A pepper map to become an expert on their origins and flavors.
  • - A circle of pepper aromas and a circle of blend aromas, essential tools for successful culinary pairings!
  • - A copy of Albane de Saint Rémy's work "Parmi les poivres," created for the occasion, showcasing the identity of the Maison.
  • Learn more about Terre Exotique's 25th anniversary
  • - A presentation sheet about Terre Exotique, its history, and its craftsmanship.

Discover in Detail the Spice Selection in the Terre Exotique Anniversary Suitcase

White Penja Pepper, PGI

The essential for your grinder! This white Penja pepper with animal notes and menthol aromas is exceptional for its character and flavor.

Voatsiperifery Pepper

In the heart of the Malagasy forests, voatsiperifery pepper vines can reach up to 30 meters in height! Rare, unique, and addictive with woody, flowery notes and a hint of citrus freshness... Grind this pepper in your mill and liven up your recipes.

Roasted Spice-Infused Sea Salt

A sea salt infused with roasted spices. Elevates everyday dishes. An essential in the kitchen!

Trapper's Blend

This Quebecois recipe, savory, spicy, and sweet, enhances all your dishes. The sweet yet robust maple syrup seasons even the simplest of dishes. The trapper's blend can be used as a flavored sea salt, complementing absolutely everything. It is ideal with salmon, grilled meats, or velvety soups.

Smoked crushed black pepper

Discover the crushed and smoked black pepper with beechwood, perfect for daily use. Try it with duck breast, a salmon fillet, or a grilled beef steak.

Oyster Pepper

The Saint-Cast le Guildo peninsula is located on the Emerald Coast. Just like its sailors, take the helm and set sail into the open sea, making sure not to forget your knife, a dozen oysters, and, of course, your oyster pepper for seasoning: a delicate Breton blend of crushed peppers. Our oyster pepper received the Epicure d'Or award in the culinary aid category at the 2022 Epicure Fine Food Awards.

Passion Fruit Pepper

The fruity and vegetal aroma of this berry is reminiscent of passion fruit. Served on roasted fish, infused in poultry sauce, or in caramelized pear pie, the passion fruit pepper will reveal its extraordinary flavors.

Pink Peppercorns

Pink peppercorns offer sweetness and exceptional flavors on the palate. Discovered in South America, this false pepper was brought to the island of Madagascar in the 19th century. Crushed or whole, these pink berries with a resinous fragrance go well with salmon, foie gras, carrot soup, or zucchini tagliatelle.

Red Kampot Pepper, PGI

This red Kampot pepper with fruity and flowery notes evokes the scent of a fruit compote. It boasts vanilla and candied citrus flavors. The perfect companion for your fish, seafood, and white meat dishes.

Likouala Pepper

Also known as "Ashanti Pepper." Harvested by the Baaka tribe. The Likouala pepper grows wildly on vines over 20 meters long. It has an exceptional length on the palate. Traditional Congolese dish: "Grilled Ashanti Chicken."

Batak Berry

This berry, with its intense lemon scent, is to the Batak people of Sumatra what Szechuan pepper is to the Chinese: a daily condiment. Infused, roasted, or crushed, it suits all your desires: seafood, marinades, or even chocolate mousse.

Madras Curry

Famous Indian blend, curry is eaten in all kinds of dishes, even sweet ones!

Ma Khaen Berry

This berry, with mandarin and smoky tea aromas, is traditionally cooked by Laotians and Vietnamese in sauce with grilled lemongrass, ginger, and chili chicken.

Red Sichuan Pepper

Already renowned in ancient China, Szechuan peppers blend citrus flavors with spiciness. They go perfectly with fish, foie gras, chocolate, strawberries, or pineapple. Grind them finely before serving.

Timur Berry

Timur berries are harvested by farmers in the Nepalese mountains; they possess notes of grapefruit and a lemony fragrance. Crushed or infused in your dishes, they wonderfully enhance seafood, fish, chocolate, and fruity desserts.

Cubeb Pepper

Originating from Indonesia, Cubeb pepper is characterized by its mild spiciness and subtle, bitter aromatic notes of cloves. Use this Cubeb pepper on its own or mixed with other peppers to flavor your sweet and savory dishes, chutneys, or compotes.

Tellicherry Black Pepper

Tellichery black pepper originates from India. Beneath its vegetal scents, discover a delicate, intense, and spicy pepper with citrus notes reminiscent of lemon and grapefruit.

Freeze-Dried Green Pepper

Originally from Madagascar and harvested before ripening, freeze-dried green pepper has a slight spiciness and offers a refreshing taste. It subtly flavors poultry, sauces, and exotic preparations. Ideal for a green pepper steak!

Java Long Pepper

Originating from Indonesia, long pepper is oblong in shape, also called a "catkin." Its warm and spicy flavor carries delightful notes of cinnamon, licorice, or anise. Grate or crush it over lamb, tomato sauce, and desserts!

Cajun Blend

This ingenious Cajun blend, originating from Louisiana, pairs wonderfully with potatoes, fish, and seafood.

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More Information
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Native country FRANCE
Ingredients Chiloé, Likouala, Lampong noir, Malabar blanc, poivre vert déshydraté
Voatspierifery, Cubèbe, poivre rouge Kampot, Sil-timur, sansho,
Szechuan rouge, Baie rose, Kororima gousse, Ma Khaen, Batak