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Chiloe berry
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Chiloe berry

Discover the Chiloe Berry or Chilean Pepper!

Chiloe berries are harvested on Chiloe Island. They are used in cooking as a pepper. Slightly spicy with flavors of candied fruit and camphor, they pair wonderfully with fish or shellfish, and will spice up grilled meat.

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The Berry of Patagonia

Chiloe... It's a magical and mysterious island at the gates of Patagonia, adorned with wooden houses and churches listed as UNESCO world heritage sites, a land of legends deeply rooted in its traditions. The Mapuche Indians, the people of the land, have worshipped since time immemorial a sacred tree, the "voigue", a tree of wisdom, peace, and healing. During Francis Blake's expedition on behalf of Queen Elizabeth in 1578, Captain Winter discovered the anti-scurvy properties of this sacred tree and used it to treat the disease rampant in the holds of the "Goldenhind". Since then, this tree has been known as Drimys winteri.

In the Heart of Chiloe's "Rainforest"

Drimys winteri is a 25m tall tree that grows in the humid temperate forest of Chiloe, one of the rare rainforests in the world. It produces clusters of fruits the size of raisins that contain very spicy seeds (somewhere between pepper and chili). Its balsamic and lemony flavor will enhance fish and seafood, while its wild and warm gingerbread aromas will delight desserts. Very spicy, it is advised to use it cautiously before the fiery passion of Chiloe burns you, it is also recommended to finely chop Chiloe berries with a knife.

The Aromas of the Chiloe Berry in Cooking

Often used as a spice, the Chiloe berry seduces with its woody, herbaceous, and slightly floral notes. The subtle aromas sometimes evoke hints of mint and camphor, creating an aromatic complexity that characterizes the Chiloe berry. Its fresh and invigorating scent makes it a valued asset in various culinary preparations, bringing an exotic and fragrant touch to both savory and sweet dishes.

How to Use the Chiloe Berry in Cooking?

It pairs perfectly with seafood, bringing a fresh and mentholated touch to dishes such as ceviche or grilled seafood. The Chiloe berry can be integrated into marinades for meats, or even in pastries and desserts to flavor jams, ice creams, or dessert sauces.

Some Recipe Ideas with the Chiloe Berry

  • Seafood Ceviche with Chiloe Berry: Prepare a fresh ceviche and add crushed Chiloe berries for a fragrant note;
  • Grilled Salmon with Chiloe Berries: Season salmon fillets with crushed Chiloe berries, salt, and lemon before grilling;
  • Sweet Tart with Chiloe Berries: Incorporate Chiloe berries into a tart filling for a unique touch in your desserts;
  • Chiloe Berry Jam: Cook a delicious jam by combining Chiloe berries with sugar and lemon juice;
  • Roast Sauce with Chiloe Berries: Prepare a flavorful sauce by incorporating Chiloe berries into a red wine sauce to accompany meat roasts;
  • Chicken with Chiloe Berry: Create a marinade by mixing crushed Chiloe berries with olive oil, garlic, and thyme, then marinate chicken pieces before roasting.

More Information
More Information
Allergen Absence
Native country CHILI
Genus and botanical species Drimys winteri
Ingredients Chiloe pepper
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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