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pepper de Cubeb, 50 g

pepper de Cubeb, 50 g

Cubeb pepper, also known as the tailed pepper, which comes from Indonesia, is characterized by its slight spiciness and its subtle, yet bitter aromatic notes of clove. On its own or mixed with other peppers, use it to flavour your sweet and sour dishes, chutneys or fruit compotes.

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Originates from South-West India. A small tailed peppercorn harvested in Indonesia. Cubeb pepper is obtained from berries which are harvested before they are fully ripe, then dried and ground.

This pepper is generally used in curry powders. You can also eat it by simply chewing the peppercorn.

The aroma has a honey fruity base note with scents of smoked and herbal teas, engulfed by delicate notes of sweet spices and resin. Delicious with all Asian dishes, lobster tails, compote of exotic fruit or a mint chocolate dessert.

More Information
More Information
Shelf life 5 ans
Ingredient Piper cubeba
Nutritional info /
Native country Indonésie
Genus and botanical species Piper cubeba
Ingredients 1 cubebe pepper

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