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Sweet Delights Gift Box

Sweet Delights Gift Box

An ideal set for all your sweet recipes

This customizable set offers numerous possibilities to enhance your desserts. Create your own sweet box by selecting your favorite products. Choose from a variety of sugars from around the world, powdered citrus, baking spices, and finally, a treat from Confiserie d’Amboise. The highlight of the set? A delightful Choc o Lait chocolate stick is graciously included for you to dip into your hot milk.

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    Composition of the Sweet Treats Box

    Worldly Sugars: for indulgent recipes

    Whether for Christmas, a birthday, or to create a light summer dessert, this sugar selection offers the opportunity to make a variety of creations suitable for all tastes!

    Coconut Brown Sugar

    Coconut brown sugar offers an exquisite fusion of flavors, marrying the sweetness of cane sugar with the delightful tropical touch of coconut.

    Christmas Sugar

    Delightfully scented with the enchanting flavors of gingerbread, Christmas sugar evokes the warmth and magic of winter festivities with every bite.

    Crazy Sugar

    Crazy sugar captivates the taste buds with its bold blend of spices, showcasing exquisite notes of tonka bean and voatsiperifery pepper.

    Muscovado Sugar

    Muscovado sugar, rich in nuances, charms with its deep licorice flavors, adding a distinctive touch to your recipes.

    Vanilla Brown Sugar

    Vanilla brown sugar is a perfect marriage of the subtlety of brown sugar and the sweetness of vanilla aroma.

    Coconut Flower Sugar

    Derived from the sap of coconut flowers, coconut flower sugar brings an exotic touch to your sweet preparations with its sweet and subtle notes of caramel and coconut.

    Citrus Powders: for a gentle acidity

    We have carefully selected a wide collection of citrus powders, ideal for adding flavor to your desserts.

    Kaffir Lime Powder

    Kaffir lime powder, an explosion of tangy citrus, adds a lively and lemony note to your desserts.

    Organic Mandarin and Orange Powder

    Mandarin and orange powder bring fruity freshness to your cake preparations and are ideal as toppings on all your desserts.

    Organic Pomelo Powder

    Fresh and slightly tangy, pomelo proves to be ideal as a topping on a variety of desserts.

    Yuzu Powder and Lime Powder

    Yuzu powder, derived from the Japanese citrus fruit, and lime powder create an intense and refreshing citrus essence in your favorite desserts.

    Bergamot Powder

    Its tangy and fruity taste is ideal as a topping on your cheesecakes, panna cottas, and yogurts.

    Learn more about citrus in the kitchen

    Baking Spices: ideal for standing out from traditional recipes!

    For this, we offer two blends to integrate into your dedicated recipes, such as gingerbread blend, speculoos blend, as well as cinnamon powder and vanilla fleur de sel.

    Indulge in the Delights of Confiserie d’Amboise

    Delight your taste buds by discovering a variety of pralines straight from Confiserie d’Amboise, under the artisanal expertise of Nicolas Viollet. Choose your favorite confection from pralines with voatsiperifery pepper, verbena berry pralines, Penja pepper pralines, almond pralines, and finally peanut pralines.

    ...and a complimentary product!

    Choose from the Choc o Lait Solostick collection, the chocolate stick of your choice: dark, milk, speculoos, hazelnuts, or white vanilla. Once dipped in hot milk, enjoy a delicious hot chocolate.

    Some recipe ideas to explore the box

    • - Coconut Brown Sugar: use it in a smoothie or milkshake; it's also ideal on cottage cheese or roasted fruits;
    • - Christmas Sugar: you can make various cookies, brioches, or even a shortcrust pastry as a replacement for your usual sugar;
    • - Crazy Sugar: muffin recipe;
    • - Muscovado Sugar: sprinkle on your compotes or incorporate it into a candied fruit cake, salted butter caramel, or a crème brûlée;
    • - Vanilla Brown Sugar: brioche recipe;
    • - Speculoos Blend: make your own speculoos with this blend, to accompany your tea, coffee, hot chocolate...;
    • - Gingerbread Blend: recipe for gingerbread Terre Exotique style.