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Nom Ground Yuzu, 250 g

A citrus fruit similar to lime, the zest will liven up all your chocolate desserts, shrimp salads, fish tartar and osso bucco !


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 The Japanese lemon !

This Japanese citrus fruit will enliven oriental taboulé, sorbets, falafel, white fish, julienne vegetables, sweet potato mash and chocolate desserts.

Yuzu is from East Asia. It was introduced to Japan during the Tang dynasty in around 700. It looks like a small lime about 5 to 8 cm in diametre. It is harvested in October in Koshi prefecture in Japan. Yuzu is yellow or green depending on how ripe it is. It tastes similar to mandarin or grapefruit. Yuzu can be eaten fresh as a fruit or used for its juice, its zest, it also comes in powder form or as pearls. 


Additional Information

Country Japan
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Allergen Allergen free
Ingredient Ground Yuzu
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place
Use By date 5 years
Nutritional info /
Price/kg 425
Culture mod Cultivated, Native
Color Yellow
Botanical genus and species Citrus ichangesis
Intensity scale No
Other names Japanische Zitrone, Yuzu-Frucht, Ichang-Zitrone, Ichang-Papeda
Aromatic footprint Amyl, Fruity


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