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Neapolitan house recipe N°15, 330 g
Neapolitan house recipe N°15, 330 g

Neapolitan house recipe N°15, 330 g

Napolitana Homemade Tomato Sauce, 330g

The perfect blend of tangy capers, tender onions and sweet tomato pulp. This traditional Naples recipe is ideal for seasoning your favourite pizzas and pastas. Hang it in your pantry and enjoy its summery taste any time of the year!

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The Neapolitan tradition

Napolitan Tomato Sauce is a culinary gem from Naples, dating back centuries of gastronomic history. A traditional Neapolitan recipe, passed down from generation to generation, to offer a true gustatory journey through Italian cuisine.

The Neapolitan Tomato Sauce

An explosion of flavours

This flavourful sauce is a perfect blend of fresh, sweet tomato pulp, soft, tender onions, zesty capers and a touch of fragrant oregano. The sauce is enriched with extra virgin olive oil, white wine and salt to create an explosion of Mediterranean flavours in every bite. It's the perfect sauce to bring your pasta dishes to life or to season your favourite pizzas.

The must-have!

Napolitan Tomato Sauce is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many ways in the kitchen. It is perfect for pasta, spaghetti or penne, for a delicious and satisfying meal in no time. It can also be used as a base for homemade pizza, or to add an Italian touch to your soups and stews. This traditional Naples sauce is a must-have for any Italian food lover.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 14,7
Allergen Absence
Native country ITALIE
Ingredients tomate (origine Italie), oignon, huile d'olive vierge extra, câpres,
vin blanc, origan, sel.
Nutritional Info VN Energie pour 100 g (energy for 100g) : 291.93 kJ / 70.01 kcal
VN Matière grasse (fat) : 4.69 g
Dont acide gras saturés (of which saturated fat) : 0.68 g
VN Glucides (carbohydrate) : 5.89 g
Dont sucres (of which sugars) : 4.57 g
VN Protéines (protein) : 1.49 g
Vn Sel (salt) : 1.42 g