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Roasted black Malabar pepper
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Roasted black Malabar pepper

Roasted Malabar Black Pepper, an Essential for Your Kitchen

Malabar black pepper delicately enhances the flavor of meats with character, elegantly accentuating the taste of beef, game, or duck breast.

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The Aromas of Roasted Malabar Black Pepper

This roasted Malabar black pepper releases fruity and powerful notes of smoked wood. In the mouth, it impresses with its spiciness and almost sweet tannic notes. Once roasted, it possesses exceptional organoleptic qualities.

How to Use Roasted Malabar Black Pepper in Cooking?

Ideal with caramelized grilled meats, accompanied by a simple jus. It also enhances grilled white fish, pan-fried foie gras, a red wine reduction, braised beef, or a line-caught fish like roasted turbot with a veal jus. Try it with a chocolate tart.

Our Recipe Ideas for Using Roasted Malabar Black Pepper in Your Kitchen

  • - Steak with Roasted Malabar Black Pepper: Use roasted Malabar black pepper to create a flavorful pepper crust on steaks. Crush the pepper grains and press them onto the surface of the meat before cooking;
  • - Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Malabar Black Pepper: Add a pinch of roasted Malabar black pepper to your mashed potatoes for an intense flavor;
  • - Grilled Salmon with Roasted Malabar Pepper: Mix roasted Malabar black pepper with salt and sprinkle this blend over salmon fillets before grilling;
  • - Roasted Malabar Black Pepper Ice Cream: Infuse roasted Malabar black pepper into an ice cream base to create an exquisite pepper-flavored ice cream;
  • - Roasted Vegetables with Roasted Malabar Black Pepper: Season vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and zucchini with roasted Malabar black pepper before roasting them in the oven;
  • - Dark Chocolate with Roasted Malabar Black Pepper: Melt dark chocolate and incorporate roasted Malabar black pepper for uniquely flavored chocolates.

Flavors from the Plantations of Kerala

Roasted Malabar black pepper, from the Piper nigrum species, has its roots in the Malabar coastal region in Kerala, India. The pepper plant is a climbing vine of the Piperaceae family, characterized by oval leaves and clusters of small white flowers. The berries of Malabar black pepper are the fruit of the plant, harvested by hand just before full maturity. They are then sun-dried to take on an intense black color. The roasted Malabar pepper reflects the harmonious marriage between botany, agricultural traditions, and processing practices that contribute to its culinary fame.

The Origins of Malabar Black Pepper

The first pepper plants of the Piper nigr um species historically took root in the state of Kerala, on the Malabar Coast. The term "pepper" derives from the Sanskrit pippali, evolving into peperi in Greek, and then piper in Latin. Malabar pepper is considered the ancestor of all peppers and was the first to be shipped to Europe in the 12th century. Grown in an unpolluted environment without the use of chemicals, it is hand-harvested by the natives of the highlands of Kerala.

A Transmission of Culture

The main port on the Malabar Coast was Kozhikode or Calicut, where Arabs and Chinese traded their goods and embarked on the local production. Marco Polo noted the abundance of pepper in this kingdom, and in 1303, Franciscans documented the pepper cultivation methods of Malabar. Later, in May 1498, Vasco da Gama landed on the beach of the fishing village of Kappad, about 15 km from Calicut, marking the beginning of the Portuguese exports of pepper from this historic port.

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