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White Malabar pepper

White Malabar pepper

From the Malabar coast in India, the historic cradle of pepper. Smoky notes. The berries are picked one by one when fully ripened. Spices up red meat. Best ground with a pestle and mortar.

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The Malabar coast: The historic cradle of pepper !

Pepper cultivation originated from the Malabar coast in India. Its name derives from the Sanskrit word: "Pippali".

Pepper has always been at the source of many discoveries. For economic or cultural reasons, people have always traded, bought, sold and set up trading posts.

Traces of Malabar pepper have even been found in the mummification of Ramsès II.

The first pepper plants are indigenous to the state of Kerala They were then introduced over time to various other countries: Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Madagascar and more recently in Cameroon in the 1930's.

Harvested when fully ripened, this very fresh pepper will enliven red meat, sweet and sour dishes, or a vegetable tart.

Use cracked lightly for a delightful touch to all your dishes.

More Information
More Information
Native country INDE
Genus and botanical species Piper nigrum
Ingredients white pepper
Allergen Absence
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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