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Kampot pepper PGI red

Kampot pepper PGI red

The fruity and floral notes of this pepper prompt scents of fruit compote releasing flavours of vanilla and candied citrus fruit. Perfect for all your fish, shellfish and poultry dishes.

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Red Kampot Pepper IGP: Sweet and Fruity Flavors for Your Taste Buds

This Red Kampot Pepper with fruity and flowery notes has flavors of vanilla and candied citrus. It pairs well with fish, vanilla compotes, and white meats.

Red Kampot Pepper: A Piper Nigrum Originating from Cambodia

What is Piper Nigrum?

Kampot pepper belongs to the piper nigrum species, a variety found notably in India, Cameroon, and Southeast Asia. The seeds of this pepper grow on a vine that can climb several meters high. Depending on the stage of harvest and the treatment applied to the piper nigrum berries, green, black, white, or red pepper is obtained. Each color has its own intensity and specific taste.

How is Red Kampot Pepper Cultivated?

For several months, the vine grows and produces clusters. When the berries turn red, it means they are at optimal maturity. The clusters are then harvested promptly to avoid spoilage. In Kampot, the red berries are dipped in boiling water and then in ice-cold water immediately after being harvested. They are then dried for several days in shade and sunlight to enhance the aromas and the red color of the pepper. The berries are then sorted and calibrated to keep only the most beautiful ones.

A Pepper that Thrives in the Tropical Climate of Southern Cambodia

The province of Kampot, located in southwestern Cambodia, is an ideal territory for pepper cultivation. The very hot and humid climate favors the flourishing of the piper nigrum vine, while the porous soils allow optimal drainage of rainwater, thus preventing the roots from rotting.

In Red Kampot Pepper: The Quintessence of Piper Nigrum

The Red Kampot Pepper develops fruity, sweet, and vanilla notes that go well with sweet and savory dishes and desserts. In the mouth, one can distinguish flavors of Morello cherry, candied cherries, but also orange peel and Bourbon vanilla. Defined as fiery on our spicy intensity scale, red pepper is both bubbling and scorching.

It can be said to be the quintessence of pepper, combining the intense and captivating aromas of ripe grains and the acidic and hot chili of black pepper.

How to Use Red Kampot Pepper in Cooking?

Our Easy and Quick Recipe Ideas with Kampot Pepper

- Red Kampot Pepper is ideal in sauces for white meats and game.

- It pairs perfectly with apples, pears, and vanilla in compotes or tarts.

- Crush the red pepper and delicately season your seafood platters.

- Feeling adventurous? Cambodians love tarantulas with Kampot pepper, but you can settle for marinated beef...

- Bruschettas: discover the Terre Exotique recipe here;

Delight Your Guests with Lacquered Duck Breast with Red Kampot Pepper

Enhance the flavors of Cambodia with a recipe for lacquered duck breast with red Kampot pepper!

Prepare a delicious marinade to lacquer your duck: garlic, ginger, star anise, Chinese five-spice, nuoc nam sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce, honey, and brown sugar. Don't forget to add the coarsely ground red pepper! Marinate your fresh duck breasts for at least a day, remembering to turn them over at least once. Cook them and enjoy.

Kampot Pepper: A Strong Link with Cambodia

What is the Origin of Kampot Pepper?

The appearance of pepper in Cambodia can be dated back to the Angkor kingdom, starting from the 9th century. Indeed, it was Chinese people from the Hainan region who are said to have brought pepper cultivation to the Kampot province. Evidence of this origin can be found in the travel accounts of Tcheou Ta Kouanau, an 18th-century Chinese explorer.

During the colonial period, especially in the 19th century, the popularity of Kampot pepper greatly increased, becoming a major imported commodity. It is said to be "the best pepper in the world"!

Starting from 1975, the Khmer Rouge wiped out its production to replace it with rice. It was only thirty years later that some planter families breathed new life into this pepper so intimately linked to Cambodia.

IGP and AOP to Enhance the Value of Pepper Cultivation in Kampot

In 2009, Kampot pepper became the first Cambodian product to benefit from a geographically protected indication (IGP). It must be said that in the Kampot province, located between the sea and the mountains, pepper is serious business! These exceptional lands are cultivated by families of passionate planters in love with their pepper and proud of their ancestral know-how.

To obtain the IGP, Cambodian producers are assisted by the French producers' syndicate of Espelette pepper. They obtained the IGP from the AFD (French Development Agency).

Red Kampot Pepper is available in the custom-made set dedicated to world peppers

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More Information
Allergen Absence
Native country CAMBODGE
Genus and botanical species Piper nigrum
Ingredients Kampot pepper PGI red
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