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Green pepper in brine
Green pepper in brine

Green pepper in brine

This is THE pepper for fresh green pepper sauces! Harvested in clusters, it is quickly packed in its salt brine to preserve its full aroma and flavor. This crunchy and bold green pepper pairs perfectly with red meat or fish.

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How is Green Pepper in Brine Produced?

The production of green pepper in brine involves a meticulous process. The pepper clusters are harvested before reaching full maturity and carefully sorted by expert hands. The finest clusters are selected to be placed in a brine of water and fine salt. This natural preservation method preserves the freshness and vibrancy of the green pepper.

Aromas of Green Pepper in Brine

Green pepper in brine stands out with its unique aromas. When you taste these crunchy grains, you'll be enchanted by their freshness and fruity flavor. The lively and slightly spicy notes of green pepper in brine delicately enhance your dishes, adding a touch of freshness to every bite.

Using Green Pepper in Brine

Green pepper in brine is used in the form of whole or crushed grains to enhance a variety of dishes. Whether it's to elevate a cream sauce, a vegetable tart, cheese, salad, or terrine, these fresh green pepper grains bring a fruity flavor and unparalleled gustatory pleasure.

Green pepper in brine offers numerous possibilities to enhance your dishes. Here are some ideas to use it:

  • Cream sauce with green pepper in brine: Add these crunchy grains to a cream sauce for a vibrant and aromatic flavor.
  • Vegetable tart with green pepper in brine: Sprinkle the grains of green pepper in brine on a delicious vegetable tart for an explosion of flavors.
  • Cheese with green pepper in brine: Accompany your cheese platter by adding these crunchy grains for a balanced and exquisite taste experience.
  • Salad with green pepper in brine: Add a touch of spiciness and freshness to your salad by incorporating these grains of green pepper in brine.
  • Terrine with green pepper in brine: Incorporate these crunchy grains into a terrine for an interesting texture and vibrant flavor.

Green pepper in brine is a high-quality product, carefully cultivated and naturally preserved. Its fresh and bold taste makes it a favorite among enthusiasts of intense flavors.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 223,33
Allergen Absence
Native country Madagascar
Genus and botanical species Piper nigrum
Ingredients green pepper, water, salt, acidifying : citric acid.
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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