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Green dehydrated pepper

Green dehydrated pepper

A Surprising Pepper with Mint Aromas

Harvested while immature and then dehydrated, this green pepper releases fresh and spicy flavors of peppermint. When ground, it pairs perfectly with a fish fillet or braised meat.

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The Aromas of Dehydrated Green Pepper

Offering lively, fresh, and slightly spicy notes, this condiment brings a herbaceous freshness reminiscent of the verdure of fresh pepper grains. Its bright and delicate flavor is complemented by woody and floral nuances, creating a subtle balance between the characteristic warmth of pepper and a distinct freshness.

In Which Dishes to Use Dehydrated Green Pepper?

Its vegetal notes will perfectly complement a tournedos with fresh cream and green pepper, a fillet of white fish, veal, or a fresh goat cheese toast.

Our Recipe Ideas for Using Dehydrated Green Pepper

  • Green Pepper Steak: Crush dehydrated green pepper and use it as a coating on grilled steaks for a deliciously fragrant variant;
  • Green Pepper Sauce for Meat: Incorporate dehydrated green pepper into a creamy sauce to accompany grilled meats such as steak, chicken, or lamb;
  • Leek Cream with Green Pepper: Add a pinch of dehydrated green pepper to a leek soup or cream for an aromatic note;
  • Green Salad with Green Pepper: Sprinkle dehydrated green pepper on a green salad with a light dressing for a refreshing touch;
  • Grilled Salmon with Green Pepper: Mix dehydrated green pepper with salt and rub it on salmon fillets before grilling or baking;
  • Beef Tartare with Green Pepper: Mix dehydrated green pepper into a beef tartare with capers and shallots for a burst of flavors;
  • Green Curry Chicken: Add dehydrated green pepper to a green chicken curry for a fragrant touch.

How Dehydrated Green Pepper is Cultivated

The pepper vine is a climbing plant belonging to the Piperaceae family and thrives in tropical climates. Its leaves are oval-shaped, and it produces small white flowers that turn into berries, the precious pepper grains.

Green Pepper, a Staple in Cuisine for Centuries!

Originating from tropical regions, green pepper was used in various ancient cuisines to add an aromatic dimension to dishes. In particular, the Greek and Roman civilizations valued its unique taste properties. Over the centuries, green pepper has continued to be a key element of gastronomy, finding its place in refined dishes and bringing a touch of freshness to the global culinary palette.

Green Pepper Around the World

The cultivation of green pepper is a global agricultural practice that extends far beyond its origin in India. Today, Vietnam is the world's leading producer of pepper, followed by India and then Brazil. Green pepper is primarily cultivated in countries within the tropical belt, where the warm and humid climate is ideal for the growth of the pepper vine. Countries like Cameroon, Laos, Malaysia, and Congo cultivate green pepper, contributing to its diversity and cultural richness.

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